[H] Fri/Sat Heroic and M+ guild on Thrall

Revered With Death on Thrall is recruiting.

We’re a pretty laid back guild with a wide variety of players from different backgrounds. All the way from filthy casuals to ex hardcore raiders. If you, like many of us, don’t have a place in your life to fit hardcore raiding but still like to smash some content, we might can help you. We’re looking for the people, that because of life or whatever it may be, have to keep gaming on the back burner yet still enjoy the min/maxing and just generally being good at what you do. For our raids we keep it light hearted and pick on each other, but once we get to the boss its time to put your game face on and do your job. We push to get AOTC and work together to push M+. Right now we’re recruiting for both.

Raid Times: fri/sat 11pm-1am est

current needs :
tank: dps with a tank off spec
melee: rogue, WW, enh, warrior
range: mage, ele, moonkin, shadow priest
heals: druid, shaman, or dps with heal off spec

Attendance is expected obviously. But, in the world of flex raiding attendance is kinda on you. We’re not gonna hound somebody to come to the raid, if you don’t show we ride without you and fill our ranks based on what we need. So do you boo boo, but let someone know if you wont be there. If its a repeat thing or we just don’t hear from you and it’s a critical class, we’ll grab one.

Mythic +
We started this season off with a bang and we’re at a point where we need more willing and able players if we’re gonna push those keys into the teens. If you really enjoy pushing M+ and want a regular few to run with this is the place for you. Playing the pug lottery is getting tired. It’s also a place for people to learn with people they’re comfortable with too. There’s several of us that are fighting and clawing our way to keystone master. We need some bone crunching dps and tanks/healers will always have friends…maybe I can show off my uber shadow skills :stuck_out_tongue: finally. We literally have people running keys every night of the week.

what we expect from you:
to be an adult…literally and figuratively. The prima donna elitist D bag thing won’t get you very far with us. But being a skilled and knowledgeable player will. We expect people to know the ins and outs of their class and be ready to bring their A game. We may have a laid back approach to the game but what we can take serious…we do. And the content we do have time to do, we do well. And for the love of Elune be on push to talk

Not into raiding or high M+ thats fine. We have a poppin social group. They’re lovable people so it’s nice to have fun people around.

recruiter: burdman06#1963
GM: WilfordBWolf#1934
some dude with a title: causticloki#1780

posting here is fine too, I check it regularly

Lets talk!
Group of 6 looking for a guild.
Some of us started raiding in EQ (ok, two of us did)
Some started in Vanilla (3 of us)
One has never raided, but she may be our best player.
We’ve got one flex tank who can dps.
One healer who can dps
4 with several geared alts. Ranged and melee.
We don’t all need to raid every time the group raids, but we’d love to be able to help as needed.

I’m Valeau on Thrall.

Thanks for considering us.

This is an old recruitment post. With incorrect contact information. Please see this post. [H] <Revered with Death> (Thrall) What's Your End Game?