[H] Extremely LATE NIGHT Raiding Guild LFM [[11 AM PST start time]]

[NO BULLY PLZ] is an extremely late night raiding guild on Area 52, Horde, US.

We’ve been raiding together now for over a decade. We have a long history of doing Mythics in previous expansions, we plan to do them again in this one as well but definitely at our own pace.

Some important things about us:

One thing that really sets us apart from other guilds is that we are one of the only Pro-Free Speech guilds left in this game.

We do use incredibly offensive language in our raids, we joke around a lot, very often even during progression we are trying to get one of our members killed the moment the pull isn’t going well enough to salvage.

I am explaining all of this up front because I do not want any confusion about the nature of our guild. We are a tight group, a community, that’s known each other for a very very long time, our primary focus is having a good time with our friends and being able to speak without fear of reprisals for our dark and vile humor.

These are the things that keep us coming back to the game reliably, not the content of the game in and of itself.

Secondary Disclaimer:

You will hear words you don’t like, you will hear gross and vile humor, so if that’s not something you enjoy then I’d highly recommend you continue your search elsewhere.

Update on Current Raid Progress:

Normal: 10/10
Heroic: 9/10
Mythic: 0/10

Raid Times/Days

Monday: 11:00 PM PST - 2 AM PST (2 AM EST- 5 AM EST)
Wedensday: 11:00 PM PST - 2 AM PST (2 AM EST- 5 AM EST)

Currently running 15 people reliably, we have a lot of open spots for future mythics, and we’re in no rush to fill them. More important to us is that the player interested feels like they fit in with our guild.

We have a long history of raiding Mythics, and we plan to continue that. We’ve raided Mythics through Uldir, and the last 2 raid tiers of Legion. With all that said, progress is not the only thing we care about.

Item level really doesn’t matter to us, as long as you can stand out of bad stuff and participate on our disgusting discord then we’ll be happy to have you.

If you think you would fit in with our guild, and can make our raid times, then please contact me, those 2 things matter way more than any experience or ILVL.

Contact me in game or on discord if you’re interested.
Battle Tag: Apollexis#1142
Discord: Apollexis#0930

(If you are interested in knowing what to expect in terms of how crude/offensive the humor is in our raids, here’s a video of our most recent raid highlights so you can know before speaking if you are interested or not: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pMZ7UEaBorY )

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Just a great bunch of people

Join if us you want to be Tracer.
Join us if you’re already Winston.
Maybe join if we nerf Bastion?
Definitely if you’re already windowmaker.

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