(H) Crazies Again - recruiting

Server - Wrymrest Accord
Faction - Horde
Guild - Crazies Again
Raid days and times - Thurs/Fri 830pm to 11pm est
Progression - 6/9 heroic 9/9 normal, 2/2 normal
Recruiting for - Resto druid/mw monk and anything else is welcome

for more info we are a casual laid back heroic raiding guild likes to have fun we run mythics + all thru the week mainly on the weekends try n get everyone their key .
if this sounds like a guild for you add me on btag. TY


Looking for a few DPS to round out our Raid Roster!

[H] Crazies Again is a Heroic raiding guild on the Wyrmrest Accord server. We are currently recruiting for our raid team for Eternal Palace, please see below listing for current needs.

We are an older group… 30s to late 40s. Drama free with plenty of jokes so a good sense of humor is a plus. Our goal is to achieve AOTC with current raid tiers with a short raid schedule. We pride ourselves on clearing content in a relaxed, laid-back environment and having a blast doing it. We also run Mythic+ and participate in some PvP. Also to note, though Wyrmrest Accord is labeled a RP server, we do not RP. Our guild is most active in the evenings and weekends.

We are also interested in “good” people no matter what class, spec or level. New to WoW? Returning player? Higher-end raider looking to take it easy in a more relaxed atmosphere? If you are searching for a friendly and fun place to call home, then look no further. We would be happy to have you!

Recruitment (Updated 07/04/2019)

The following classes are currently in highest demand, but any friendly players are welcome:


  • 1 Elemental Shaman
  • 1-2 Warlocks


  • 1: Druid, Priest, or Monk

Raiding With Crazies Again:

  • Thursdays and Fridays 8:30PM - 11:00PM EST.
  • Discord is a must during Raids. (We do chat on Discord outside of Raid for fun too!)
  • Our atmosphere is laid-back and fun with a lot of laughing, cringe and terrible puns. No toxicity tolerated.
  • Guild Repairs for our Raiders!

Thanks for checking us out! Hope you will contact us today!

Alarius (Recruitment Officer), BattleTag: mortality#11220
Silexis (GL/RL), BattleTag: Soluss#1870
Styy (Officer), Battle Tag: Stygon#1692

Good morning! Looking for a few DPS to round out our Raid Roster! Great group of people, active membership, - hope you’ll check us out! Thank you!