[H] [AREA - 52] Tyrannic 3 day (9hrs) - 9/11M SoF - Recruiting DPS DH / Lock / Mage / Healer

About us: Our guild was founded the 2nd week of shadowlands by a group of friends that have raided together for the past 7 years. Leadership has many past cutting edges under their belts but can no longer commit to the 12-16 hour schedules of the past. Everyone in the guild is looking to push CE while having a barrel of laughs at the same time.

Previous and current Tier:
Sepulcher: 9/11M US 174
SoD: 10/10H, 10/10M US 357
CN: 9/10M US 712

Recruits: We are looking for individuals that want to push cutting edge on a lighter schedule than most guilds. We only raid 9 hours a week, with optional content on the weekends. (on occasion we may go up to 10 minutes late if we think we can kill on the next pull)

As of 9.2, Raid schedule: Mon/Wed/Thurs 7-10pm CST

Recruitment as of 5-30-2022
Tank - Full
Healer - 1x Healer
DPS: Immediate spot for DPS DH / Lock / Mage (Dps with offspec tank)
Even if your class is not listed above we are always open to exceptional applicants

What we supply: All flasks, pots, repairs, vantus and oils are supplied by the guild.


Mythic or very relevant logs

  • Come to raid prepared, fight researched and ready to go. Do not show up not knowing the mechanics.
  • DBM/Big Wigs/alternative raid encounter add-on(s)
  • Weak Auras 2 is required for raid weak-auras.
  • Have a working microphone, you do not have to speak unless asked upon.
  • Regularly attend raids or post out when you know you will be missed.
  • 18+ only as we do not censor swear words.

Apply here: https://forms.gle/D6HJ4aYL1ULH8Tdy5

Contacts for questions (all on bnet):
Gm - Knov - Fonzie#1383
Recruitment officer / Co-gm - Maluu - Maluu#1356

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Boop de woop

Gooood morning boys and girls need them ranged dps

bump for another good healer lets get that mythic prog goin!

Would you be interested in a 212 9/10H 1/10M BRM Monk? If so lmk and we can get to chatting.

Yes we would be, please add Maluu#1356 to discuss thanks

I’m at work rn and for some reason my battle net app isn’t working on my phone. If you wanna add my Discord we can chat on there. Sydell#2247

Boop de woop de woop

bump for dem deeps

Master said to keep it bumped

Come fellow healers

Got our first round of keystone masters last night come join the fun and do 15s with us

Yo we boe farm on off nights too got several people some 500k+ boes earlier! come join the fun

bump for more dps and another healer!

bumperino !

bumpity bump

where are the other ranged deeps? Deeps in jeeps

updated recruitment: Looking for a DH dps, and any and all exceptional ranged!

boom huntsman mythic 2 shot baby

wtb a good demon hunter!