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Formerly [A] On Lightbringer we are no on [H] on the illidan server. TC was founded in May 2005 and has been a top guild from inception, obtaining most cutting edges. We are in a rebuilding phase and are a bit more relaxed but still attempting for CE this tier.

We are going to be raiding Tuesday and Thursday at 9:30-12:30 am EST. We will be having an optional run on Mondays at the same time, which is reserved for sales, achievements, or normal/heroic clears during mythic progression.

Recruitment Officer - Kaiksine#1872 Bnet, Enomina#2039 Discord
GM - Xellos#1969 Bnet, Xellos#3150 Discord

Thank you and hope to hear from you!

Hey there,

Our guild just moved to Area-52 because horde > alliance for raiding. We have several CE raiders in our group, but have taken a step back to be more chill. We raid Tues/Wed at 9PM - 12:00AM EST. We are currently 3/10 M, 10/10 heroic and 8/10M last tier.

We have a solid core and are looking for more (especially ranged).

If you want to reach out and talk about options let me know, because we would be interested.


Diomedes (diomedes#1249)

still looking

Hey gonna leave our spam below - Though Idk if we could take on every single raider you have. Wish yall the best of luck!

My name is Izzacangel from Neglected on Mal’Ganis(Horde). We’re a 2 day raiding guild that have recently reformed and are looking to build our roster to achieve an early AOTC and push into mythic this tier. We are short 4-5 people from stepping into mythic. We are currently 9/10HSoD. Before switching and reforming guild we were 7/10M CN, and 11/12M Nya. We raid Tues/Thurs from 8-11 CST. Let me know if any of this interested you.

Hey! I added you both on BNet! (jdwc1999#1583).

Would love to chat with you guys, you seem to have a lot of what we are potentially looking for right now.

About us: We raid Tues/Wed between 7:30-10:30pm EST, and are quite active throughout the week outside of raid times. Thursday is our guild key-push night, and we schedule an optional off-night for alts/mains to clear/re-clear Normal/Heroic SoD on Sundays or Mondays. We are a social bunch, I think you’ll appreciate that!

We are currently 9/10H 1/10M SoD, (6/10M CN), and always looking to improve this. We have a relaxed schedule for our main raids, but very focused environment during raids to allow us to progress consistently.

Let me know if that sounds like it interests you and we can chat logistics. :slight_smile:

Hey Kixxi - I sent both you and Jinx BNet requests (from Bojangles).

We’re a Mythic Prog guild on Tich (1/10M, 9/10H), starting Mythic this Tuesday. We raid Tuesday/Wednesday 9-12 EST and use Sundays for clean up. I am looking to bring in a disc priest and exceptional rDPS to round out the mythic roster and fill in a couple holes for folks that won’t push mythic or will be bench players. While our guild is newer, the core has been playing together for a while now and the bulk of us have CE experience.

My discord is Tazer#1603

still looking

Perpetual on Eonar is looking for more dedicated players to round out our roster. Our guild has been around since the beginning of MoP until last expansion when we took a break. We reformed the guild this expansion midway through Nathria with a focus on Cutting Edge.

We are made up of a group of people that have raided together for the better part of 8 years. We enjoy a relaxed raiding environment with the expectation that everyone is doing what they must to improve.

8/10M Castle Nathria
10/10H Sanctum of Domination
4/10M Sanctum of Domination

Raid Times:

Wed/Thurs - 9pm-12am EST

Optional raids and M+ throughout the week.

Recruitment Needs:

Healers: All classes

DPS: Ranged or exceptional Melee

We are willing to assist in transfer costs for exceptional players.



Scooter#11651 on BTag
Scooter#4601 on Discord

Good morning,

Welcome to chilis is looking for additional core team members for our ranged DPS. We are a competitive guild look to approve and push faster and harder this tier. We achieve 7/10M for our first tier and looking to achieve CE this tier!

We are currently 3/10M with a 10% pull on renmant!

Raid times - T/W 9:30-12 EST Sun 9:00P - 12:00A EST

We also supply guild repairs, feasts, and cauldrons.

Furthermore, I’d like to say our community that we have built is second to none!!

Please reach out to me if you have further questions or/and show interest for our guild.


Still looking

Hi Kixxi,

Waffles are better than pancakes.

Homie Hoppers (5/10M 10% Painsmith, 10/10M CN Alliance-Stormrage) is currently looking for a handful of reliable players for our mythic team. Our raid times are Tues/Weds/Thurs from 9pm-12am Pacific. To apply, please fill out our brief application at, or if you have any questions, feel free to contact me via Discord (Wuga#8888).

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Still on the lookout

Hi Kixxi,

I want to approach you about maybe having your team join with ours. At this exact moment we are more of a middle of the pack guild, but we want to push into getting CE this expansion. To do that, obviously we need a roster of good dedicated players, which we’re working on building.

We ended CN at 5/10M, we had around a 20% pull on Artificer but had to call it early for the tier due to some key raiders needing a break for personal issues. I know this doesn’t come even close to matching the milestones your group has achieved, but it would be more of something to look forward to helping us build up.

Below is our raid schedule and previous tier progress, we’ve made some steady progress, but also slip back a lot as we have lost some of our higher DPS due to various reasons.

We also have outside of raid activities including keys and sometimes PVP. We also actively use discord and encourage our raiders to spend time together outside of WoW. Some of things that we do include playing other MMO’s together, FPS games and fun games like Phasmophobia.

If any of this interests you then please reach out to me and I can address any concerns or questions you might have. I hope to hear from you!

Main Raid Times / Schedule:

< Wanderlust > - H Illidan

Wednesday / Thursday — 6:15 - 10:00 CST (server)
Progression: 7 1/2 hours a week
Raid Comms: Discord
Current Prog- 9/10H 1/10M

Nathria Progression:

Prior Progression:
Nya’lotha - 6/12M
EP - 4/8M
BoD - 5/9M
Uldir - 2/8M
Antorus - 11/11H
ToS - 1/9M
Nighthold - 3/10M
ToV - 3/3H
EN - 2/7M

Bnet Contacts:
GM & Raid Lead — Ves#11968
Recruiting Officer — brendan#12392 - discord Meng#4581
Officer — Eirolyth#1615

Hey there Kixxi! My guild is interested in your group and would love to learn more. Below is our summary. If you want to learn more feel free to reach out to our officer core.

Wasted Potential is a guild on Thrall (US) Horde. We’re a guild of adult raiders who like to raid twice a week. We have a positive environment where members help each other and are willing to accept constructive criticism. Personal responsibility for understanding/following mechanics and continuous improvement are expected.

Our philosophy on raiding is to progress in a fun environment where everyone can enjoy each other’s company. We rarely may extend raid times for 30mins if we’re close to progress. We will not add extra days or EXPECT raiders to maintain multiple geared alts.

We’re looking for skilled recruits who have the same goals and mindset that we do. If you are a player who raids strictly for personal progression and gear this is not the guild for you. If you are looking to evaluate your gameplay, constantly strive to improve, unafraid to ask questions, want to work as a team, and have a willingness to learn then this is the place for you.

Raid Schedule: Tuesday/Thursday 8pm-11pm Server (EST)

Progression: 10/10H SoD, 2/10M SoD, 8/10M CN, CE Nya


High need RDPS/Flex heals.
All exceptional players. We will evaluate all applications, CE experience and applicants with provided logs will be given preference.

Massias(GM) - Bnet: xdhtf#1400, Discord:Massias#6547

Moogrimm - Bnet: Shecter#1336, Discord: Grimm#3590

Heedlessone - Bnet: Sunofnothing#1873, Discord: Sunofnothing#3454

Search is still on

Hey there Kixxi would love to talk to you guys about raiding with The Burgershack gonna post the regular BLURB here and hopefully we can talk soon. we are currently 3/10m and are looking to go as far as we can every tier. guild officially formed in 9.0 but the majority of us have been raiding/playing the game together since Legion as well.

The Burgershack is a guild founded by long time GAMERS who enjoy playing the game with friends while also pushing content at a reasonable pace. We are open to helping people learn the game who have an active interest in endgame content. A lot of the members of The Burgershack are players who have pushed content to the point of being deemed CUTTING EDGE and are now looking for a relaxed environment where we can put our feet up and commit health code violations in peace. Now let us get down to BRASS TACKS.

Raid Times:

Wednesday 6:30-930pm PST(9:30pm-12:30 EST)

Thursday 6:30-9:30pm PST(9:30pm-12:30 EST)

What will be required of players looking to prog with ?

Deadly Boss Mods (dbm) or Bigwigs


Exorsus raid tools (ert)

and of course just like any organized group a solid god damn attendance!

If you are interested in employment at The Burgershack you are expected to be OK with:

Not being paid

Having a RAMBUNCTIOUS sense of humor

Not being an ignorant tool

Closing the door when you go to the toilet

Using PUSH TO TALK in discord (at least for raiding)

Constructive criticism

If you have any questions or are interested in applying/joining whisper

Asokan#1180 ( / Asokan#6125 Discord

Kega#1461 (

Still on the market for now

Hello Kixxi,

Would be interested in chatting with you all, might be something we could try to work out.

About Us:
Premonition (9/10M CN, Cutting Edge HFC+EN+NH+Ant+Uldir+BoD+TEP+Nya) is a Horde guild on US-Magtheridon. Our raid team has been together since MoP and we pride ourselves in maintaining a stable home for players. We are looking to bolster our roster with players who are interested in progressing Mythic content. While we maintain a laid-back, non-elitist environment, we are in no means casual – our goal every tier is to push CE. We have streams available for anyone who is interested in checking out our raid environment. Outside of raid, we have an active player base looking to complete M+’s every day to farm gear/io. We also play games outside of WoW and have an active Discord.

Raid Times:
Monday: 9 PM – 12 AM EST
Tuesday: 9 PM – 12 AM EST
Thursday: 9 PM – 12 AM EST

Extensive knowledge of your class
Non-toxic/elitist attitude
Consistent attendance (90%+)
Ability to communicate (have a working mic)
Bring dps/health pots (we provide flasks, food buffs, and vantus runes)
Desire to be competitive

Feel free to apply at

Btag - Ludacris#1776, or Limeyman#1556; Contact us in-game with any questions and to start the painless application process.