[H] [Area-52] <Adaptive> 7/10M Sludge 3% CE Focused LF Tank/DPS

Hi there, we’re Adaptive on Area-52 formerly known as Severity on Hyjal. We’ve recently decided to move to a more popular server for the opportunity to find better players to continue to build a solid roster for Castle Nathria & tiers to come. We’re a group of friends that have been playing the game together for years that have finally come together to make our own home. We have raiders/leaders with top 50 US exp going all the way back to MOP. We’re looking to find like minded individuals that want to clear content at a good pace and have a good time while doing so.

7/10M CN
This is not where we’d like to be at all & obtaining more solid players will help expedite progression substantially.

Raid Schedule
Tuesday: 10pm-1am (EST)
Wednesday: 10pm-1am (EST)
Thursday: 10pm-1am (EST)

1.) Our main goal in this guild is to progress through the mythic raids in Shadowlands and achieve cutting edge in each tier. A majority of the players committed to this guild already have cutting edge experience and know what it takes in order to achieve this goal.

2.) While cutting edge is our primary goal, we intend on creating a guild that fosters players who can count on each other for difficult content. By this we mean being able to trust one another to perform their roles properly in mythic raid but also mythic + content. In other words, players in our roster enjoy pushing keys and we would like the guild to be a reliable source of group members for pushing.

3.) As well as succeeding in high end content we do also wish to create an environment where people can enjoy themselves and each other in and outside of raid. In our application process we will be looking to make sure that you will be able to help us in all three of these goals to ensure that you are a proper fit for Adaptive.

Needed Roles

Dps- Accepting any exceptional DPS players

Healer- Currently looking to add 1 solid healer to our roster.

Tank- Open to any good tanks so our off tank can return back to dps.

What we’re looking for
Aside from needed roles, we are looking for players who put it solid effort in making sure that they are competing at a competitive standard. We expect that all players are well informed about their current meta and potential upcoming metas for their class. As well as being informed we expect each player to always be looking to improve upon their own gameplay.

We encourage anyone with CE exp or anyone who believes that have what it takes to achieve our goals to fill out the application linked below .

Raid Lead/GM : Dj
Discord : Dj#5612
Bnet : Mke#11978


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