[H / A] The Howling Owl/Club Night Owl is hiring! Looking for bartenders! Updated for new year!

The Howling Owl is a faction neutral RP event driven guild. We host monthly RP events open to both the Horde and Alliance RP communities. We also have guilds on both Horde and Alliance side of the Wyrmrest Accord server. We’ve been around and going strong since 2018!

The Howling Owl is the name of Azeroth’s premier faction neutral coffee shop and cocktail bar. It’s a place of sanctuary both for guests and staff. A place to forget your worries. Staff is offered free lodging on the premises as well. In need of a way to start over your life? Or just need a change of pace? The Howling owl can be either of those things.

We use The Drunken Hozen in Dawn’s Blossom, Jade Forest as a backdrop. ICly the coffee shop/cocktail bar is located in neutral territory in Pandaria. Lodging and other buildings are also located on the premises and available for staff to use for free.

-We also host various seasonal and special occasion events throughout the year, such as festivals and parties that sometimes even include opportunities to perform!

-Sometimes, we have booths at outside vendor events or are hired to cater events.

-As a guild, we hold monthly guild-only social nights for us to all relax and hang out to RP together too!

Currently, we are recruiting to our guild (Horde or Alliance) for the following positions:

-Takes orders for refreshments at our events
-IC interview is required

-Ensures safety at our events
-Must be comfortable with potential confrontation
-Must have levelheaded approach to conflict resolution
-IC interview is required

-Takes photos (screenshots) during our events to use in promos for our events
-IC interview is required

-Mingles with guests, makes sure they are comfortable
-Must be comfortable with initiating walkup RP
-Must be personable and friendly
-IC interview is required

-Poet or story teller at Poetry and Story Night events or outside events to represent our guild
-IC interview and audition is required

-Makes food used at events, ICly. As we do not have a kitchen area at our location for most events, this is usually done “off-screen.”
-IC interview is required

What can you expect from joining The Howling Owl?

We have a diverse group of people with us who all love to roleplay and love attending, hosting and supporting RP events to help keep the WrA RP community thriving on both Horde and Alliance!

We have no big storyline that we do as a guild and instead we serve as a vehicle to support your own character’s stories. However, we do host monthly guild only events where we simply hangout together and do casual RP. We also often attend other guild’s RP events to support them. We chat and goof around in Discord and just generally are a laid back sort of group!

What sort of people are we looking for?

We are looking for anyone who loves faction neutral RP and don’t take themselves too seriously! We have a variety of characters with us, from gardeners to dragons and are welcoming of all types! We really just value those who are active and excited about RP and being involved in our events! That said, we keep things laid back and aren’t militant about being at every event. We’re all adults with lives outside of this, after all!

We are LGBT+ friendly and do have a requirement of being 18+ to join!

If you’d be interested in joining us, feel free to fill out this application: tinyurl .com/howlingowlapp

If you have any questions or want to learn more about us, feel free to join our Discord: https:// discord.gg/jW2xYZn


Come join us!

We are good on security now. But there are still a couple spots open for bartenders and baristas!

Come out to our event on the 15th and check us out!

Bumping back up!

Bartender and barista spots are currently open!

Still have one or two spots open!

Come out to Club Night Owl tonight in Mistfall Village at 6 server and check us out!

Bumping back up!

Go to tinyurl .com/howlingowlapp if you’re interested!

Opening up recruitment for security positions as well!

Recruitment for bartenders and baristas is closed for now but still open for security positions!

Still hiring security!

Security and bartender/barista positions are currently available!

Bumping this back up!

Still open for a few more security and server positions!

Bumping up!

Closed on security now but still open for bartender/barista positions!

Bumping back up!

Club Night Owl will be out at the Fire Fest this weekend! Check us out!