[H & A] Barthilas <Viridian> 6/9M LF DPS/Healer For S4 and beyond!

Viridian is a established Semi-Hardcore Mythic focused, Horde raiding guild, founded in 2013 and focusing more on raiding starting in legion, located on Barthilas, the guild is mostly Australian with a couple of NZ

Our raid days are Wednesday & Thursday from 20:00 till 23:00 ST for mythic prog, with a Saturday night Heroic boss skip to fryakk starting from 20:00 ST till 21:00/22:00

We are looking to establish a strong core with a strong backbone rotated bench to keep everyone involved and happy, with the intent to come to Cutting Edge or close to every tier with AOTC within the first few weeks on the horizon.

We are currently looking to bolster our mythic raiding team.
Specifically we are looking for DPS and Healers bonus consideration points if you’re one of the following;

  • Arms Warrior
  • Feral Druid
  • Shaman (Ranged/Melee)
  • Demon Hunter DPS
  • Hunter (Ranged)

We will however take any and all exception players, you need only to apply.

We are also looking for more mythic plus players, if you find our raid nights don’t suit you we are constantly doing keys in the evenings or on the weekends!

If you think we may suit you, shoot me a message on discord.

Discord: topping.2335

Hey, Are you guys still looking for an DPS? I’m a 442 ilvl Evoker Devastation but Looking to transition to Augmentation.

My Bnet Tag is, Wharlawk#1864

Aberrus - 9/9H AOTC 3/9M with P3 prog on Experiments.

Frost Mage looking to transition into mythic. Got recommended by Happyhunt and his misses. Added you on battlenet and discord. Lmk if interested.

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Bump! We are now 7/9M looking for exceptional DPS to continue our prog on Echo and push forward into 10.2.

Still looking for exceptional DPS to continue our prog on Echo and push forward into 10.2.

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Bumpity bump!

Bumpity Bump :slight_smile:

Bump, ramping up recruitment heading into 10.2!

hey there, is there room for an enhancement shaman? with resto off spec. thanks!

Hey Necrosu!

Would be happy to have a chat wth you. add me on discord and we can chat!

Bump, on the hunt for exceptional dps again!

Bumpity bump!

Still looking for exceptional DPS

Still on the hunt for exceptional DPS

If you are an exceptional dps consider replying!

Bump, LF baller players who want to hit cutting edge! apply within, great people!

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Bumpity bump bump

Bumping again

Bump city, bi#$%, bump, bump city bi#$%.

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Bump! looking for some AOTC players!!

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