483 Demo Lock LF Mythic raiding guild

Hey! I’m currently looking for a guild to raid with on my demonology Warlock, I’ve had a lot of experience raiding from Mop to Legion getting many Cutting edge achievements along the way. After taking a long hiatus from the game I’m looking to get back into the raiding scene

I’m currently 3/9m on a balance druid and looking to raid in another guild on my lock. I consider myself a fast learner, able to pick up mechanics very quickly and I spend a lot of time going over my logs looking to improve my performance.

I cannot raid during the day on weekends or Thursdays (unless your happy with me taking 1-2 Thursdays off a month) I taking raiding seriously and will always be in attendance unless there’s an emergency

Currently trailing with a guild thank you ^^

Hey mate have added disc we are a 6/9M guild closing in on smoldy would love a chat