Group looking for GMT+8 casual mythic guild

We can pull weight with decent parses, we’re all 48X, couple of healers + dps with 2 dps-flex-tanks. Ideally 8pm GMT+8 raid times wed/thurs, but we can adapt

#forb7 on discord, drop me a DM

Handle It is a Mythic focused guild on cael/nagrand server.
We are looking for like minded people to join us in raid. We need dedicated and reliable people for the raid team to continue prog.

Recruitment needs
Tanks: None
Healers: Any
Ranged: Any but would love Mages, warlocks
Melee: Any
If you don’t play one of the needed specs feel free to apply anyway as we can always use good players regardless of spec.

Raid schedule:

All times are server time:

Wed - 8:15 pm to 11:30pm
Thursday - 8:15 pm to 11:30pm

During progression we may extend raids and/or raid additional nights. Need to be willing to come along.

We are looking for people dedicated to clear content, Players that will show up to raid nights on time, players willing to keep up on any changes Blizzard makes to the class/spec. We are looking for people who can make all raid nights reliably.

We also accept casual players and players who just want to do Mythic+ or pvp we are a very friendly guild who just like to have fun while playing.

We have mog contests with prizes, farming contests, mount runs and much more to participate in other than raiding.

We are currently reclearing heroic wanting to get more to start Mythic prog.

If you are interested in joining us please leave a post below,

Contact Furby in game.

Or add Furby on btag; Furby#12342

Not interested in any healers or tanks, but welcome to have a look for consideration