[H] 9/10M - T/W - CE-focused drama-free guild - LF brew, melee, boomkin, mage

Guild: Flagged for Rename (Formerly Mile Hyjal Club)

  • Non-toxic gaming with fellow adults who love gaming and hate drama.
  • 2-day raid schedule that leaves plenty of time to do other things in game.
  • Mythic plus 20+ push team, etc.
  • Very active guild with incredibly fun and laid-back players.
  • Culture matters here. We work very hard to keep our guild drama-free.
  • Current progress: 9/10M.

Current Openings:

Ranged: boomkin, mage, shadow priest
Melee: warrior, windwalker monk, rogue

  • 1 flex healer/dps
    We will ask for logs so please have those ready :sunglasses:

A quick summary about Flagged for Rename:

We are adults who love World of Warcraft. We have enjoyed years of raiding and clearing content while also juggling the madness of “adulting”. Our goal is to push towards Cutting Edge every tier on a 2 day a week schedule while still maintaining the excellent, non-toxic culture that separates us from many other guilds. We’re looking for people who are friendly, mature, and interested in progressing through mythic content (which includes wiping).

Our Schedule:

  • Raid info: Tuesdays & Wednesdays (9pm to Midnight Est)
  • Server: Area 52
  • Mythic plus: All the time? Also have a 20+ push/boost team.
  • Discord: Required. You don’t have to be a big talker, but we do utilize voice.
  • Attitude: Laid-back and fun. It’s gaming, folks. Let’s make it enjoyable!

Contact Us:

Please add us on Discord:
Kaitri#3149 or Airbourne#7142

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Met a couple of awesome server mates last night. A few spots left.

Added a couple of great folks. A few spots left.

Need a flex tank/dps, a couple of ranged dps and a healer. Please add me to chat. Mythic plus lovers are highly encouraged to check us out. We love our keys.

Bumping for my crew. Good people and good players. Great time to get on board.

OP updated with needs.

New updates on needs. Please reach out!

Great start to our raiding. Week 1 aotc in the books. Looking to fill a few more spots then we’re golden.

Still looking for cloth dps and a flex healer.

Weekend bump for cloth dps and a flex healer.

Up for a healer!

Healer bump

bump with updated needs.

weekend bump for cloth!

still looking for a healer who runs keys.

Yes we are!

Bump for new classes.

Bump for flex toons.

Reset bump for needed classes.

Bump for needed classes.