[H] 7/8M <Vox Nihil> LF Ranged Dps

<Vox Nihil> is a newly formed guild on Zul’jin (east coast, PvE server) and we are looking for active members to not only join our raid team, but to join our community. Our goal is to build a community in which members can find like minded individuals to game with not only within WoW, but other games too!

Raid Times / Days Are As Follows :

Tuesday / Wednesday

8:00pm - 12am EST

Note* For the first 2 weeks of Mythic after the release of a new tier (Usually this works out to be the first 3 weeks of a new raid release), we will pick up one extra day for progression on Thursday, at the same raid times listed above.

Raid History :

7/8M Eternal Palace
9/9M Battle of Dazaralor (CE)
8/8M Uldir (CE)

Being a newly established guild, we do not have an extensive raid history. However, in our first two raid tiers as a new guild we managed to obtain Cutting Edge. Our goal is to strive each tier and improve in the hopes to eventually become one of the better two days guilds in the world.

Recruiting Needs :

High need for:

Holy Paladin
Hunter (Ranged)
Demon Hunter

We are looking for progression oriented raiders who show up to raid, ready to put their best foot forward for the entirety of any given raid night. We have fun while we raid, but when it comes time to get serious and gear up for progression, we want someone that is going to put forth their best effort. This means knowing your class in and out, coming to raid prepared with food, flask, runes, reroll tokens, knowledge of upcoming encounters and your role within them.

Required Addons / Programs :

Deadly Boss Mods / Big Wigs
Exorsus Raid Tools
More addons may be required on a boss by boss basis as we see fit for progression.

If we sound like the guild for you, please fill out the application listed below. One of our officers will be in touch with you if we choose to consider you for our raid team. Our BattleTags are below if you would like to contact us with any questions.

Copy and paste this into a new tab, removing the space after the "https"


Contacts :

Zyuur: Alazar#11360 - Raid Lead
Djchiji: Djheals#1114 - Officer
Sodowzen: Sodow#1433 - GM
Timpaladin: Sometimestim#1626 - Healing Officer

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very interested in this, im looking more for a community than a raid team as i cant make every raid due to work, but id love to be a part of a community that does stuff together both in and outside the game

Hunter, Druid, Shaman
7/8H 1/8M Uldir
before that was 11/11H and 2/11 Antorus

Dont struggle with difficult content and do my research to know it properly

feel free to message me if interested


Thank you for your interest in our guild, but we are currently looking for raiders, and seeing as you would not consistently make raid… I don’t think it would be a good fit. If you are interested in joining the guild regardless, feel free to add me and we can talk!

Im only interested in an active guild with guild willing to do all forms of content, no interest in mythic raiding due to lack of time, i have added your bnet but gotten no response


and am all the way up

I believe you added another officer or member. I just sent you a friend request, and we can chat and see if our community would be a fit.

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Thanks for the support, friend! :smiley: