[H] 3/10M SoD Weekend Raiding Guild LFM Mythic Oriented Raiders

<Next Pull For Sure>
Server: Mal’Ganis

Current Needs
MDPS: DK, Arms Warrior
Healer: Disc/Holy Off Spec, Holy Paladin
RDPS: Warlock, Boomkin, Mage
Tanks: Open

**If you don’t see your class/spec listed here, do not let that discourage you from applying. We are always looking for great players of any class.

Raid Days/Times
Saturday and Sunday, 7-10 CST

Current Progression
Sanctum of Domination

Castle Nathria

Guild Information
We are a newly formed guild of experienced mythic raiders who have played together over the years through various guilds, finally coming together to raid in Shadowlands. Some of our raiders have past mythic raiding experiences.

We will be focused on raiding competitively while maintaining a friendly and cooperative raid atmosphere. A majority of the guild is older, having careers and families, and we realize we can easily clear the content and treat each other with respect while doing so. Guild members are also always around hanging out on discord playing other games when there is downtime from WOW.

Contacts for more info


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You know, the bump of course!

Let’s get it, boys! To the top!

We’re still looking for warlocks and mages!

Do good warlocks exist?!?

Let me see those casters!

Updating to include all ranged dps classes, as well as dk’s.

Looking for more dps or a healy priest…to the top!

Looking for more RDPS and Disc/Holy Priest!

Down goes the Lich. We are looking for strong DPS and Healers!

Tank spots filled up? Main is ele shaman 9/10h 2/10M. Looking to raid on my blood dk. Cleared normal with ez!

Looking to pick up strong raiders for our mythic push!

Looking to pickup a couple of RDPS, 1 heal for the mythic push!

Hello… is it me you’re looking for!

Looking for more cool people to hang with us

Looking to pick up more raiders just hit 10/10H last week!

Looking for some strong DPS and Heals for Soulrender!

to the top for some DPS and heals!

Need some DPS and heals for Soulrender. Vulpera need not apply. Thanks!

Where art thou dps and heals