Guildmate banned for 6 months without reason

2nd Update: Ban was reversed!! Woo hoo!!

I’m the guild leader of The Tail End on Pagle. We’ve been playing hard to get our Dranai to 60 before the Dark Portal opens. Several people have taken vacation from work. Today, one of our members was banned for six months while she was in the middle of questing with her husband. She was playing the character named Zaseis. The reason given is “botting.” The two of them were playing together, and her husband did not get a ban. She does not run any 3rd party software.

Please look into this matter. She’s a great player, and giving someone a SIX MONTH BAN without a single human anywhere in the loop to make sure it’s reasonable is madness

UPDATE: She plays using a console controller, which is supported by Blizzard natively in Shadowlands. She uses an addon called ConsolePort to make this doable in Classic. We think this somehow got flagged for botting? Blizzard, this requires a fix. Everyone else who plays with a controller for accessibility reasons - BEWARE


Nothing can be don’t about here or on the forums. It’s not a bug. Your Guildmate need to file an appeal ticket.

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She is. But this is insanity. A six month ban handed out by an automated process without a single human even looking at it is unconscionable.

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It’s not automated. If someone got a suspension, it’s either the hacks team or a GM looked at the logs and reports and agreed with it.

This is provably wrong. High profile streamers have been banned in the past for mass-reporting, both planned and unplanned.


Oh, an update. She plays using a console controller, which is supported by Blizzard natively in Shadowlands. She uses an addon called ConsolePort. We think this somehow got flagged for botting? Blizzard, this requires a fix.

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Really? You have access to Blizzard’s systems. Go to the CS forums and ask there. There are actulkly Blue post saying otherwasie.+

And alot of those “proofs” have been shown to faked.

I got caught up in the multibox ban waves even though I stopped immediately upon the very first post - and even though they said they would give warnings to people - they didn’t. They don’t care.

It’s too much of a hassle to have proper CS in most cases, so they don’t bother. 9/10x you will never get a reasonable response that’s helpful or informative unfortunately. Especially when dealing with bans/suspensions.

Don’t be afraid to be wrong; it’s ok.
Swifty and (I can’t remember exactly, I believe Azmongold) proved on stream that mass reporting instantly banned an individual. These streams exist as proof.

Blizzard is about as true to there word as a snake oil sales man. If you wish to deny all evidence and believe them alone, that’s on you.

All he proved that the squelched worked…and he suspended for abusing the report system.

But you are gonna believe what you want to believe. /bye.

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Swifty put together an event- raiding horde cities- and was banned for disturbance instantly because he was the group leader. It happened with no one looking at the situation.

Again, if you want to believe a proven liar’s word, that’s on you.

Edit: And (the other one)'s test was a mass report on a name. Not a squelch. So… again, you’re wrong.

What are you afraid of? Post on the CS forums if you want clarification

You want me to ask someone’s word I can prove is unreliable, and you will only believe that person’s word out of what I can only assume is blind faith.

If you can’t see the impasse, then you have another issue.

And yet you are scared to ask the Blizzard staff on the CS forums.

I am literally in the exact same situation as your guild mate, my fiancé received a 6 month ban for “botting” as we pushed for 60 on our Belf paladins, she also used console port, and has never used any kind of botting software, hacking, or cheating. We are literally in the same situation as them to the tee.


@ OP its because consoleport apparently uses the same coding to work that IBS does, which blizz banned back in march or so when they changed their policies, outlined in a sticky on gen discussion back in may or so.

Posting on here isnt going to get you or anyone else affected by this ban wave anywhere, gms dont exist on forums, and forums arent a way around an appeal ticket. Appeal and wait thats all you can do til blizzard says no more appeals.

also they dont need screenshots, links of various streamers, they have their own internal logs they use, as anything else can be doctored.

thats the post.

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While it’s not possible for anyone here, or in the CS forums to help individual ban appeals, it’s important to put the information that blizzard just banned loads of Console Port users, out there.

Console Port is acknowledged and supported by Blizzard, and is heavily used by disabled gamers to play wow. It’s honestly beyond unreasonable for this to even happen, and Blizzard should be working to undo this as quickly as they can.

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We aren’t trying to appeal the Ban here only trying to get traction and notice for it. Consoleport is backed by the blizzard devs and they are 100% for it’s ability to let people with disabilities or hand injuries (Like my wife who was banned for this) access the game. The more voices on more platforms that talk about it the more chances someone who does make these kinds of decisions will see it. We already put in appeals but it’s best to try all options right?

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Agreed, and even if this does nothing to further any appeals, it’s still important information to spread, since this is a case of a massive false ban wave, heavily targeting disabled gamers.

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