Group Finder Tool

That’s why you need to find a more compatible Guild, that works well with your schedule.

I played around with the LFG matchmaker addon last night
had a few people without it help me test it.
It fairly well does what one would need with out the game itself needing changes, and other people do not need the addon for it to work, because it simply works by reading the LFG channel

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No, my guild is perfectly fine and great people, my schedule is not their fault, in fact most guilds do not want a member whose work schedule covers every hour from 10am to 1am 5+ days a week.

And when i have a normal day off, they go out of their way to do stuff with me.

I disagree, and here is why:

Blizzard already made this improvement in WoW (adding this feature). Years ago. Years later, many players requested “Vanilla WoW before the Blizzard improvements.” Blizzard agreed to offer that game, and called it Classic WoW.

So Classic won’t have Blizzard improvements. It won’t have “the improvements YOU want” or “the ones I want”. We don’t get to choose and add whatever we want. It is not a sandbox game.

There is already a tool in game that automatically groups players together for instances, the meeting stones. When you use one you are entered into a queue for the instance and automatically grouped with others in the queue. No whispers, no need to talk, all automated.

Having a posting board for LFG would be more effective and less automated than the stones, it really doesn’t seem like anything that would negatively impact Classic at all.

It’s literally just a cleaner interface, with the exact same gameplay. I don’t understand the obsession with the belief that a LFG board will somehow deteriorate the worthwhile conversations of:
Player 1: LFM WC
Player 2: +

Then you’re already taken care of.

OP, I see your idea and it’s not bad, however it doesn’t fit the spirit of classic. My biggest concern to this is if you give a mouse a cookie, he will ask for a glass of milk. If a tool like this was added, there would no stopping others from crying and expanding onto it. In this regard, I will have to give this idea a hard pass.

I disagree with changing the game itself.
They have to be very careful on changes to classic and stick to new-age induced bugs or things that are exploited to previously unheard of proportions.

New features is not encompassed in that, and would just promote people to campaign for every weird feature they feel they should be entitled to.

Blizzard has provided us an API already by which an addon can be created to do this kind of thing for those who would like it while keeping the game itself unchanged.

I dont think that works in Vanilla/Classic?
Does it?

If it does, i am guessing it does nothing towards assuring proper group composition etc?

It in and of itself would not (except when people skim read and can not take the time to see what the OP is actually asking)
But what it does do is add a non vanilla tool into classic, and while not a bad or evil tool itself, it will prompt a deluge of requests for everything else under the sun, and put blizz in a spot where they have to justify constantly adding feature A but saying no to features B C and D

I’m quite certain it does.

Nope, if five warriors are first in the queue, guess what group comp you’re rolling into WC with lol

I recognize this, but do think they can make decisions with decent discretion.

Something like this can be accomplished with an addon, and that is probably the best option for OP. I doubt Blizzard would add it for the reason you mentioned, but as someone who started day 1 in vanilla I don’t feel an interface change to facilitate finding groups would be detrimental.

I will try it for giggles

Oh Lord…
So, Five warriors walk into a bar…

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It is not the interface change itself.
It is what would come after, or more correctly, what people would feel entitled to have coming after.

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Only realism in this should be for low pop servers: for example stalagg alliance with peak player base of 30 players.

:poop: idea has no place in Classic.

Dont think this post has any place in this thread.
The OP was never jerky about anything like this reply is.

I have yet to try the mentioned addons, ty for those.

I’m not being lazy. I read slow, therefore it’s not that enjoyable if I can’t keep up. A book that may take you an hour, might take me a day.

Thinking about it, what I’m really asking for is a chat filter. Where you can search all chats for specific words, or ignore posts with certain words. I think this would be great for everyone, except trolls.

Imagine being able to have messages auto deleted if it contained the words: thunderfury, trump, racist word? Or only seeing messages with the words lfg, lfm, rfk…

but i refuse

Try being dyslexic, it’s a joy, i tell ya.

Doesn’t count, you refuse everything

I’m audio dyslexic. If any noise is going on, like music or even cars, words will jumble or even sound reversed. It’s similar to listening to a baby talking. I can hear you just fine, but can’t distinguish the words.

I just tested out the meeting stones in classic
As in vanilla, they dont do anything.

You may be thinking of tbc or something, or maybe retail?
they dont do anything here but sit there and look pretty

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