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Ah the lazy “slippery slope” argument…It’s why we can’t ever have nice things

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Absolutely not. Never.

Without a firm direction you end up with retail. It’s a culmination of your nice things.

So… /join LookingForGroup and we’re good?


should probably at least read the full post before responding

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Oh yeah? What information precisely would I find from the post?

Basically, you’re asking for a system that puts more work or all the work on people who form groups (the same people who have no issues with the current system), because you’re too lazy to do anything for yourself.

Sure, that makes sense and could be considered a benefit for everyone who falls into that category, which may be more people than those who don’t.

On the other hand, it may also push those of us who do form our own groups away from doing so. Personally, as someone who has always formed my own groups, I like the current system, and reject the proposed changes.

Seems that there is an addon for it, as others have pointed out. However, my other suggestion would be a Guild. Since Guilds are great at dealing with Group stuff and doing things, together. No addons required.

My best recommendation after testing is lfg match maker

i modified its lua to include the last raids


Dude, have a snickers.
Your not yourself when your hungry.

he is not putting more work on anyone making groups, he is just looking for a way to filter out 6 pages of spam in LFG.
On some servers, for some reason LFG is used as the personal trade, whine, name calling, guild feud etc channel.

My realm is not like that, but i have seen on realms that are, your eyes start to bleed trying to find the other guy looking for a deadmines groups, through the rapid fire spam posts about imaginary testi©le size etc.

He already said he didnt want an auto group maker, just something so he could see the people wanting to make groups and not the 900 people puting stuff other than LFG in LFG.

I found him a nice simple addon that lets him do exactly that.

It actually makes it easier on someone who is forming a group too
they dont have to try and over power the spam, by spamming themselves, to have someone see they are looking for more.


I appreciate the thought. Thank you :slight_smile:

I’m not a fan of the idea, personally for reasons I’ve already stated. However, as you seem to be pointing out, it’s not entirely clear what is being proposed, and whether it isn’t something that can be and/or is already solved by an addon.

LookingForGroup isn’t that bad. That’s pretty severe hyperbole. I do understand that some people don’t appreciate comments/conversation unrelated to precisely what they want. Again though, personally, I reject the idea (that’s simply my opinion).

Yes. That’s potentially a fine solution for him. :+1:

Does it? How about if they do not use that addon?

Also, not that it would be a great amount of effort to add, but does that addon have the ability to comment as to what classes/levels are desired, and/or whether items are on reserve, etc.?

In any case, I can understand and appreciate that some people do not like LookingForGroup as it currently works. Personally, I like it. I like it a lot.


This also seems like extreme hyperbole. LFG isn’t so inundated with spam that one cannot form nor find groups. But again, I suppose it depends on the individual’s experiences and preferences. Not all people are the same, so of course, different people will have different opinions.

Oh no one else needs the addon, all it does is simply parse the LFG channel.
You pick what instance you are looking for, lets just say naxx?

So if you say LFG naxx heals
It will let me know that you are heals looking for naxx
then i can msg you and see if we want to group.

It lets you have your LFM message what ever you like, and will even say how many group spots are still open.

But it requires nothing except the LFG channel, all it does it read it for you and parse it.

That varies widely by realm.
My realm LFG is for the most part respected as being for lfg
trade in trade chan, etc.
But i know on some realms things are weird.
Some LFG is dead and everyone LFG’s in trade channel in between people selling stuff etc, (you can make the addon read trade instead) others LFG looks more like a fight in 4chan or something.

Like i said, on my realm, it is pretty decent, we rarely have to ignore someone or flag them, mild banter is kept to a minimum and thats mostly the late night crowd and they arent hurting anything at 3am

But i know other peoples realms are a lot different, and i can see that being annoying.
And some are just simply very busy and might be hard to keep up.


Look the classic forums are still full of idiots who don’t know the difference between LFG and LFD/LFR what a shocker…

The LFG tool from retail would work fine in classic(with some minor modifications, like removal of ilvl), we know this because the addon classic LFG did this and ran for months with a significant number of players using it with no downside and many upsides, till honorspy started causing problems and they broke classiclfg as collateral dmg.

LFG does nothing to stop communication, it does not hurt the classic experience, it is not a slippery slope. All that said they are not gonna do it, for the same reason they wont fix the AV map. Despite it doing nothing but improving the game its a change to the game that cannot be explained as attempting to preserve authenticity.

At least not till post phase 6, and then ONLY IF they decide to move in a classic+ direction, but until they announce that they are changing the intention of classic, these request threads are pointless.

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I did read what the OP said:

Nothing a good 'ol Guild can handle. No addon, nor a feature to be implemented changes the point of what Guilds provide.

Agreed. Even if we’re just talking hypothetical, my answers won’t change.

Um no the LFG and guilds are different, that is why retail still has both. They do have some overlap in that you can recruit from either. But LFG does not diminish guilds and guilds do not make LFG pointless.

What the LFG tool would do is make it easier to find groups for random dungeons, which I did far more of on my main while leveling without a guild(because most people were leveling at that time) than I do on any of my alts now in a guild. And when I do ask my guild for a dungeon while leveling more often than not I get a 60 from the guild who is gonna run my alt through the instance that a guild member jumping on an alt of a similar level to actually run the instance.

And again this whole thread is pointless anyway, because before this change could be made the design paradigm for classic would need to change. Personally I think a classic remaster would have been a much better game than what we have but that is besides the point, they decided on classic and not classic+ or classic remaster and until they do changes like this are not gonna happen.

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so you mean what the meeting stones were for?

They are different in the fact that the LFG Tool allows you to look outside of your Guild.

Right, and a good Guild won’t have you looking outside of it. Thus, making the:

Again, I agree. Still, there’s nothing wrong having a hypothetical conversation.

hell no.

For me, when that happened initially (was it Wrath, I forget?)…it was a wonderful convenience.

And then later I realized I didn’t really need to interact with other people for much, anymore.

So… my vote is (respectfully) NO to your idea.

This is a cool idea but I doubt it will ever be implemented and the community will have a forum uproar for no reason (because half these forum clowns spend time trolling on forums instead of playing the game or leveling alts). Most people don’t understand that it is currently hard to find groups for low level dungeons without seeing a dumb mage selling carries. No one is really “leveling” anymore and it is sad to see.

yes and no.
Many times during the week i am on in the 1:30am to 3:00am time slot
My guild is in bed cause they are normal people LOL

So, it’s LFG channel for me, with the other graveyarders