Group Finder Tool

There’s an add on called lfg add on, it does pretty much what you’re asking for

Also don’t mind the people in the thread, half these people would love for WoW tokens to come to classic but would lose their minds over a sign up board

Retail is that way ---->

That’s the only explanation i need to say no.

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I think LFG is a bad idea, but this comment is dumb.

There’s like at least…3 or 4 differences between classic and retail. It’s almost like people weigh the pros and cons of both to make a decision.

no, this is what chat channels are for.

Huh, maybe it was added in tbc. Thanks for the info!

think it was, or wrath.
i do remember it at some point, just not vanilla

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There’s an add-on that sort of does this based on LFG chat. It will help filter groups. On your own realm obviously. Not the same but it’s there. The funny thing is TBC I think and pre-3.3 Wrath had a group finder like that. Nobody used it, so we got the cross realm version everyone whines about.

Otherwise you will get the usual idiots who think not liking something primitive in classic means play retail since you know, clearly if you think anything about classic is a primitive implementation it clearly means you want all the too-far changes in retail.

Pretty reasonable suggestion. I’m totally with it but the #nochangers will tear this up


if you are using a discord, you already threw classic wow being “vanilla like” out the window.

There was a group finder addon in Vanilla too.

LFG Matchmaker.
It simply watches LookingForGroup channel for what ever you asked it to watch for, and will periodically remind you to resend your announcement.
If something goes by in chat that meets your simple criteria it lets you know Bob is lfm dire maul north, then you can whisp bob and see if he is interested in having you.

It works pretty well, and simply uses the looking for group channel and requires no game changes and doesnt require others use the addon.

In vanilla we had RogerWilco, Mumble and Ventrilo, TeamSpeak didnt make the scene until like 4 years later, Discord is simply a new kid on the same block.

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Look, as a fan that has no weight in the decision to actually make changes to the game; making a hardline stand is about all anyone can do to make their feelings known. If Blizzard truly feels that something would benefit the game, they are free to do as they wish. The problem I have and many others have is that Blizzard took away what we love about WoW and made it almost worthless in our eyes as entertainment. We take the hard stance because we don’t want that to happen again after fighting for something we love. If it can make blizzard really consider the action; it was well worth the effort.

Not sure why so many people misunderstand the “bulletin board” idea you’re putting forward. All I would say is that /lfg or /world chat makes a static board obsolete for accomplishing the same thing. Rather than going to a board in town to see who has listed to help in a group or who is looking for someone to help in their group, players advertise in real time for what they need. It’s effectively a bulletin board that is constantly refreshing and updating by the second.

The “bulletin board” can be virtual and be part of the UI rather than simply an in-game element. Just like the chat channels virtualize people being in a city together and talking or using “magic” to communicate over long distances.

You can have the convenience of an everywhere bulletin board that updates in real-time, just like you have the convenience of a LookingForGroup chat channel. The difference is organization of the communication. Instead of needing to spam a chat channel every few minutes because of scrolling content you can have persistent lines in a window where people can filter the lines by keywords they want, like “Dire Maul East”.

That’s all most people want, not some automated group maker but just a better UI to advertise and find groups.

I use LFG channel and general channel to spam for groups. Sometimes it can take a while to fill but while im waiting I do quests and talk with the people in group to make new friends while we wait…