Group Finder Tool

I know, i know but hear me out. If you agree or disagree please explain, and please keep things civil.

I would like to see a limited use LFG tool implimented. This is how it would work:

Only avaliable from RFC to ST
Groups, and solo players are only listed with dungeon filters and a note.
Nothing automated
Does not auto group
Does not teleport to dungeon

Acts like a bulliten board, and hides people on your ignore list. You must manually whisper, and invite people. Would only be used to aid in finding groups, while leveling. As the majority are end game.

I know this is taboo, but I find myself joining lookingforgroup to end up having to read through spam and people selling things. I leave the moment I find a group.


I pose a question to you. Why do you want a convenience that retail has and not play retail?


No you don’t


I’m not asking for that. I’m asking for a way to filter out the spam, to see who is trying to do what dungeon I’m trying to do. Nothing more.


It’s not in the “spirit” of classic. Your convenience is another’s hell. Use your time, effort, and eyes to manually do it or find or make an addon that does it for you. Those are the only options you will ever have with classic.


Then what’s the point?

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It’s simply a list, nothing more. And, only for leveling dungeons. I read very slow, and it’s difficult to filter the spam. I just want to see who’s running deadmines, not listen to the trolls in chat.

retail is waiting for you, my dude. :wink:


You have a disadvantage. I get it. It still doesn’t change the fact that classic isn’t the place for it natively. Blizzard likes their snowballs; it’s how wow got to where it is today. The RPG loving devs are gone and that RPG focus dissipated into nothing

Already in game. There are several addons that do just this.

everything that changed was because people cried about it. want to see content? lfr/lfd. want cd stacking warriors to suffer? change GCD. want to bring back the spirit of wpvp? hello pathfinder.

nothing that was done was pulled out of the air. it was all stuff that was asked for by many, many players.

To filter spam, try right clicking the spammer’s name and choosing ignore or report. You’d be surprised how few people are responsible for the majority of spam.

Otherwise you’ve described using the lfg channel correctly. Pop in, find a group, leave. If you prefer a more seamless experience, I recommend moving lfg to a separate chat tab. Saves you time and keystrokes!

Coukd you tell me the names of the addons?

Retail game play is weird and complicated. I don’t like the artifact power system, that resets per expansion. And, I classic has a final goal level, with no gear reset. The spirit of vanilla died with layers.

I thought there was an addon that let you do this?

the 1st linked addon may not work well, based on comments

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Awesome. Ty. I’ll check them out, after work

Maybe he wants to play classic content and not solo through it.



Some realms, LFG is like the chat dumping grounds (probably because it is realm wide)

I get what he wants, he doesn’t want retails LFD/LFR, he just wants an LFG that isnt full of 20 pages of spam to find the guy who was looking for a group.

My realms LFG isnt too bad, occasional guild ad, mild banter or questions, usually late at night, but mostly kept on topic.
Some peoples screeshots/vids showing LFG channel look like a dramafest

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I basically just sit in town, post my lfg message in trade/lookingforgroup, then tab out to youtube or play a mobile game till Classic highlights showing I have a message or invite. Essentialky making it LFG