Greater Heal

Is the exact same terrible spell like greater pyro but just in heal.

Should be removed in SL or get gpie nerf treatment



specs shouldnt either rely or have access to obnoxious crutches like these spells

unfun to use and unfun to play against


Greater Chaos Bolt has a nice ring to it


Greater Judgement holy pally only talentxD

I still refuse to believe Fire/Fire/Hpriest isn’t a free 3.2k. If I had any friends and if alts took less than 3 months to gear I’d test it myself. Just non-stop fully hasted gpy, poly, gheal, and MC casts. What could go wrong?

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Someone should really link that Stumblin post about Greater Mortal Strike.


That’s the one! Cracks me up everytime.

Here would be my mechanics for greater mortal strike, 4 sec cast (scales with haste), must be in melee range for it to hit, and the warrior can use charge/cheap while casting it. Also deals 50% of someones hp since it requires melee range.

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Greater Kidney Shot 20 second stun per combo point cant be trinketed


greater spells just shouldn’t benefit from secondary stats, only reap from cds that affect cast time or thoroughput and all of them should have cooldowns

I laughed so hard out loud. Completely caught me off guard. Thanks for linking that.

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With the removal of corruptions, it might not be as bad.

I could be wrong, but did Greater Pyroblast scale off of haste in Legion since we had templates? I didn’t see too many people play it or complain about it in Legion… AND NO, THIS IS NOT ME DEFENDING GPY, ITS AN HONEST QUESTION LOL

i use Gpy in 2s, but don’t play it often in 3s anymore, at least not if I am playing RMx…

Well in legion fire wasn’t broken so nobody played it seriously but I remember xaryu saying it doesn’t worth it cause the cast time is too long to get one off.

But since s1 everyone played Gpy even if the cast time was long.

Chaos bolt is already doing more damage than a gpie

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some people here on the forums would say differently… I’ve seen lots of people saying Fire RMPal was pretty broken in Legion too.

Fun fact: Greater Heal has a 2.5s base cast time in Shadowlands.

Fire was definitely good in Legion. It just wasn’t completely broken and obnoxious to play against. It had good sustained damage from it’s normal class spells and Gpy wasn’t needed.


Gpy isnt needed now either, which is my point to my question… why was Gpy wholesale ignored and not complained about (or was it) in legion and now its complained about all the time when it isnt even needed much like it wasnt in legion?