Got silenced for no reason

If. You are spamming? Yes.

You need to be careful with frequency of posts

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My first silence in almost 11 years of playing WoW lol

Then silence me for spamming or give me a warning.
Not for “abusive language” lol just because a group of people wanted to silence me.
(A guild that is having a war against me cuz the AH)

That’s a bit harsh imo. I think a warning and advice would be better then slapping you with a silence. Especially if your account has been in good standing.

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Oh wow. I didn’t get abusive language from your OP. My bad

All I can is appeal until they say they will no longer hear it. All. You can do.

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You spammed, you got a temporary silence. So they got the reason wrong… I don’t see any injustice here.

I’m going to pull this over in to the CS Forum.

The category you seem to have been given is a little strange as I show it as spam, not inappropriate language, basically what would be considered abusive chat. I’m not sure why it would not list spam as the reason. Sorry for the confusion there.

Not if they are not properly reported they don’t. Additionally, simply because other folks are doing it doesn’t mean that you should as well. It’s like speeding. Just because others may be doing it to doesn’t mean you won’t get pulled over.

Before I lock this up I want to clear up some confusion. As the Game Master said you were hit for spam. The other folks on your realm felt that your messages qualified as it and our review of the situation confirmed it. I’ll provide a sample of what the denizens on your realm would have seen.

12/11 2:40:18 General - /Message 1
12/11 2:40:18 General - /Message 2
12/11 2:40:18 Trade - /Message 1
12/11 2:40:19 Trade - /Message 2
12/11 2:40:56 General - /Message 1
12/11 2:40:56 General - /Message 2
12/11 2:40:57 Trade - /Message 1
12/11 2:40:57 Trade - /Message 2
12/11 2:41:33 General - /Message 1
12/11 2:41:33 General - /Message 2
12/11 2:41:34 Trade - /Message 1
12/11 2:41:34 Trade - /Message 2
12/11 2:43:05 General - /Message 1
12/11 2:43:05 General - /Message 2
12/11 2:43:05 Trade - /Message 1
12/11 2:43:05 Trade - /Message 2

While I appreciate that you want to sell your items, Blighteater, the frequency of your messaging is more than a little excessive.


But i did not got silenced FOR spamming.
I got silenced for abusive language.

You see the problem ? I accept my silence for spamming, ok i got greedy cuz i was getting lots of sales and kept posting on /2 fair enough.

But silence me in the middle of a trade, for abusive language, wich has nothing to do with spamming ?
The GM decided to keep the silence because of it, but spamming was not the cause.

The best example i can have is:
Sir u get arrested for killing someone.
I didnt kill anyone, i didnt even got out from home!
“Say that to the jury”.

“Oh, we see you are innocent and u really didnt kill anyone, thats fair, HOWEVER, we saw today that u avoided taxes a couple months so we are going to keep you in jail for a while.”

And i accept this totally and 100% like i said, got greedy because i was getting sales.
And like i said before in a past post, i will reduce my post account for one or 2 messages in a window of 10 minutes :slight_smile:

Thanks for the clarification!


That probably will give you better results.

I’ll look into the category that you were tagged with. I’m not sure if that is simply considered the default or something went wrong when the silence was applied and it switched from spam to that.


From my point of view: I don’t care. You spammed. You got punished for it. Works for me.

No offense, but I think you’re really stretching it on claiming victimhood.


May u suggest, in this cases can u give a fair warning of maybe a silence of an hour?
Or send a message to the user in turn ?
Got isolated from friends and customers for a full day for a small greed moment.

Thanks for your clarification and i will not happen again Vrakthris.

Not entirely on topic but… Why are you trying to sell items in general chat? 90% of the people that are in said chat won’t be able to buy items from you in the first place, unless they happen to be on your realm or a realm that’s Connected to yours.

Trade chat has players that are only from your realm (or realms Connected to yours), so they’re fair game for hawking your wares to.


I think you’re being a bit too aggressive on this one: They admit that they were spamming and that the silence was justified

Just…not for abusive language, as there were no abusive words used

Regardless, if you’re making hot cash, it’s easy to get caught up in the moment! It’s probably best to stick with one channel, and as suggested timing your messages accordingly

Best of luck in the future :slight_smile:


Totally i got blinded by the sales :frowning:

Because Ragnaros is the top realm of LATAM, usually everyone has characters there.
I got like 2-3 sales from people of other realms saying like “Ok, give me a sec to connect with my Ragnaros PJ” and so.
And not 300g sales, but from expensive mounts.

Also one was offering me pets on his realm, in exchange of the product etc, so yeah seem worthed to me.

And because i see carries and so posting there i said “well, why not ?”

But like the CM said

From a historical point of view, we used to provide educations for most minor chat violations, but that was when we used to suspend a person from the game for those violations. Since we have moved to silencing, I believe it starts with a short duration silence. My guess on the reasoning is that you otherwise aren’t prevented from playing the game (although I acknowledge that it would limit what you’d be able to do if you were silenced). You’d be amazed at how many people practically ignore a simple warning, so it likely has a lot to do with a firmer form of encouragement to adhere to policy.

CS doesn’t make policy, we just enforce it. You are welcome to suggest a change in how such violations are penalized. I’d recommend the submit a suggestion option found in the help menu in-game.


In this case, you must realize Vrak has policies and procedures he needs to abide by as well. Itnis worth noting, Vrak did not issue the punishment. He is just giving clarity.

A new post in general would be the way tk go for a suggestion. Something along the lines of (admitting you got greedy and made a mistake). This is how it affects players that are ignorant of spam rules etc. I think this would be a fair way tk warn somebody in the future.

Just be prepared for others not to agree

Or use the in game suggestion. Either or.

Edit. Best by the centaur. Of course I was.

I see level 1s spamming in every channel they can, Trade, LFG,LFGuild,and general, all at once but never does anything happen to them, its always about carries for mythics for gold or IRL money, your system is broken, Giving power to the players to mute people. can be abused, and has been abused, im no fan of asmongolds but its been seen time and time again, where people abuse this automated system of yours and reports him while streaming and he gets auto-muted


The system has been in place for many years now. If you have a suggestion on how to improve it, you’ll want to either use the in-game suggestion feature or post in the General forums with how you think the system could be improved.

As for people who are not getting silenced and should, that just means that not enough people are reporting them or they’re being reported but being found not to have broken any rules.

The only “automated” thing that happens is when enough players report someone specifically for “spam”. If enough players do that, say for someone spamming the sale of runs etc., then their account receives a squelch. Upon review by a GM, either the squelch is removed or the GM may apply a silence if appropriate.