Got silenced for no reason

So today i got silenced in the trade channel for no reason.

As far as i know, the TRADE CHANNEL is used for that, trading and selling.
Thats all i did.
Sale my stuff.

I have a macro that puts in /2 the thing i sell (Mechano-Hog, JW Panthers and Vial of the sands).
And another one that sales truegold, arcanite and so.

Is this punishable ? Because i see people spamming their carries for IRL money and nothing happens, but i got silenced just for selling my stuff i crafted ?
Can i appeal on a ticket ?

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You should have opened a ticket…
In game…
Asking if you should have opened a ticket…

Don’t come crying around here about punishments bro, you’ll only get your thread locked or removed along with a forum vacation.


“THERES MORE TO THE STORY” - all the wannabe intellectuals on general discussion lmao


Sure, but you’re probably about to take a vacation from the forums for a bit discussing your in-game punishment


The spam timer isn’t very forgiving in trade, to prevent people from having full blown conversations. You probably overloaded the timer. Speak less.


Probably people just randomly reporting adds as spam depending on trade scroll.

Try here:


I cant even answer /w from my costumers lol

" No penalties on this account

“There are no penalties to appeal. Make sure you’re logged in to the correct account and select the right game.”


I feel for you buddy. Sorry.

What you were typing in the minutes before getting silenced may be unrelated. You could have been actioned for something you said weeks ago, and Blizzard is only just getting around to reviewing your account now.

The email you should have received will contain some information on what the infraction was.


Then it’s not a silence penalty but a squelch. You got reported for spam.

Try opening up a Live chat if the option is there.


People reported me for “abusive language” but i literally have said anything in trade beside my macro in like 2 days or more.

Sorry for the language i’m from Ragnaros as you can see.

Infraction: Abusive chat.
Account silenced (all my characters).
Silenced until tomorrow.

Post in the Customer Service forum. A blue will give you more info.


If your actually innocent, the infraction email should have a link and instructions for filing an appeal. Do that. If you aren’t giving us all the relevant info, then an appeal won’t do you any good and this post risks your account further. Good luck


It says you were actioned for abusive chat on “various occasions”. This could be in trade chat, whispers, in a dungeon group, etc, but it appears it may be a pattern.

You could appeal if you think this was incorrect, but it does sound like you have been reported multiple times, and it was finally time to action the account.

Respectfully, it might be time to think about how you interact in chat with other players.


Automated systems are bad, best way to protect yourself against this type of abuse is to avoid attention from the general (WoW) public.

It’s the same reason I don’t say much in 40-man bgs, you never know if a premade/group of friends might decide to file false reports against you.

Best practice, most street-smart thing to do, is avoid unwanted attention from these types… a very large % of the WoW community is toxic and some of them are trigger-happy on the “report” button.

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You probably spammed so lmaoo.

I did posted a lot, but no more than guilds, carrie sellers etc.
And they dont get silecend or “denunced” for abusive language.

I tried to rise a ticket to appeal again “this account doesnt have penalties to appeal.” :L oh whelp.

The “abusive chat” may not have anything to do with your Trade Chat selling macros. Could be from whispers, general chat, Looking for group, in dungeon or raid chat etc.

There should be a ticket number or something you can reference.

how many times did you do it?
Once I see it about half a dozen times in a couple minutes I do start reporting.
I dont know if it causes a silence or not…but it can be annoying when 18 players are all spamming trade chat over and over.