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MW/WW LF 1-2 weekday night guild
360 Rogue with 3/8m exp LF Guild
[H] 380 Frost Mage LFG
DH 3/8M LF Mythic Raid Guild
350 prot warrior looking for a casual guild from 12pm
376 Rogue LF Guild
370 prot pally 8/8n 7/8h LF raid guild
414 BM hunter LF raid
8/8H 1/8M Lock Seeking Home
Hunter lf guild
381MW LF Weekday Raid Guild
Husband and Wife Team Looking For A Chill Guild
( a ) bm hunter 386-388 4/8m
4/8 383 Warrior LF 2 Day Guild
375 BM Hunter LF Raiding Guild
75th US 384 Boomkin
LF long term home/progression guild