<Gnomish Illidari Forces>

Brief summary of us(Below goes into further detail).

Type of Group: RP/PvP/PVE; Discord based only for now.

RP story: We are a group of AI enhanced goblins and gnomes apart of a military weapons organization called Felreaver Spy Syndicate that harvest demon souls using advanced engineering and fel magic to hunt demons.

Our RP goals:

1. Get our technology to the Illidari to help protect many Illidari from being hurt.
2. Seek out worlds most infested with the remnants of the Legion and bring down all those who may seek to unit the legion once more.
3. Protecting Azeroth from demons.
4. Fighting for the well being of gnomes everywhere.

Requirements to join:
1. Goblin or Gnome(all classes, but warlock and rogue work best).
2. No issues with using Discord. Link here: https: // discord.gg/ez4XAGd
3. Must have no issues with RP-PvP activities like wpvp or wargames.
4. Open to changing mogs for events. No off duty restrictions.
5. Must be level 98 minimum to join the group itself, but joining the start up discord is fine at any level.

Everything in greater detail

My life has long been dedicated to the discovery of forbidden magics and creation of devastating weapons of power for fighting against the burning legion. Our sacrifices while aiding the fight against the burning legion gone long unnoticed. Now with the burning legion dismantled we have a major bone to pick with the Illidari.

Who are we?

Internally known as Felreaver Spy Syndicate; We are an goblin/gnome military organization that heavily studies fel magic, alchemy and engineering for purposes creating technology capable of protecting Azeroth. We began as a clan of goblin and gnome warlocks and rogues that were banished from the alliance and horde due to experimenting with soul harvesting technology. Years ago our organization was attacked by an elite group of legion forces that were concerned about the technologies we were developing. The demons use fel flames to permanently blind all of us. We nearly died, but were saved by a fel mechagnome named Felheart. As we all lamented over our looked-to-be lost vision, Felheart layed us back and told us not to worry. After a short rest, we found ourselves awaked with cybernetic fel eye-iron implants as he called them which allow us extraordinary heat seeking vision capable of seeing demands and detecting hidden enemies.

Our studies erupted during upon the release of the Ilidari and we soon began to discover ways to harvest demon souls within mechanisms that was found to be far more safe and less dangerous than absorbing the souls directly into the bodily vessel of a person. We tried to form an alliance with them to take down the burning legion. They however just wrote us off as a joke and didn't accept the technology. As a result many innocent Ilidari lives have been lost due to foolishness and stupidity. Our goblin branch has also found that the Ilidari are violating multiple safety codes when it comes to handing and transporting demons.

Who am I specifically?

I am the founder of the Felreaver Spy Syndicate. My RP name is Lillian Felheart. By outsiders our gnome branch is known as the “Gnomish Ilidari Forces” and goblin branch as the “Cult of Money and Profit.” We however have no association with the Illidari except in our studies of them. As a child I was always fascinated with warlock magic, but also loved to have the elusiveness of a rogue. As I grew up I began to be shunned and looked down upon for my warlock magic practices until eventually I was exiled to the Outland from Gnomergan for trying to develop fel technologies. I wasn't banished from the alliance as a whole however. I came across Toshley one day in blades edge who was a lot more understanding of my practices and offered me a chance to facilitate them. When the Dark Portal opened, my studies erupted from studying constructs of fel magic out there and I formed Felreaver Spy Syndicate to help aid in the fight against the burning legion.
Our RP Goals:

1. Seek out the most threatening worlds conquered by the legion and bring an end to those demonic forces. The day may come when someone from one of the many worlds of the legion seeks to unit the many demons of the legion's conquered worlds and pose a major threat once more.
2. Getting our technology out to those Ilidari groups who will understand us. There are some who have dissent and see as destructive, but the use of our demon soul harvesting technology will prevent many more Illidari lives from being lost. Our technology allows Illidari to use their demon soul harvesting capabilities much more safely.
3. Protecting Azeroth from demons.
4. For gnomes its fighting for the well being of gnomes everywhere. For goblins its about keeping Azeroth stable in order to secure a profitable future and more available jobs around.

What we look like in our RP lore:

We've appear as goblins and gnomes with cybernetic eyes, a suit of resonating fel energy blanketing our bodies, mechanical wings, mechanical glaives along with a small capsule used for containing and harvesting demon souls. However we are for the most part NOT cyborgs. We do have cybernetically enhanced eyes and all sorts of technological improvements to our body. However we are 98% biological. However for general appearances in game, you'll want to come up with something like what I gave in my profile. If its something that looks demonic and fel infused then it is close to being on point.

What we do

1. Deeply immersive goblin/gnome demon hunter themed RP(PvP)(PvE) quests that members of the group will actually walk with you through to complete.

2. RP-PvP, but with a purpose. Were not just like,"Hey we gonna do this regular event, but the only difference is all goblin or gnome". Everything with a purpose and cause.

3. We will teach you the secrets of being a goblin and gnome demon hunter as you progress.

Affiliation(s)/How we are seen by other factions.

1. The Horde/Alliance: Hated by Bilgwater goblins and Gnomergan gnomes, but neutral to the other faction of the horde and alliance.
2. Most Ilidari: We are seen as thieves, cowards and a joke that wouldn’t be able to help solve anything. Some Ilidari however have sided with us and seen our wisdom.
3. Most of the neutral goblin factions don’t mind us so long as we don’t cause problems for them.

Requirements to join:

1. Goblins and Gnomes of all classes can join. However, warlocks and rogues are the most canonical to our RP. Outlaw rogues are the only ones the can pull off the classic DH look like seen in my profile. We are starting this as discord first with community building, then guild later.

2. Must be interested in both world RP-PvP and Organized RP events. Warmode on is needed for most events we do. PvP Talents are needed to RP to the maximum extent.
3. Needs to be open to transmogging for certain types of themed events to keep the immersion. Like for example: One wouldn't mog up like an iron horde goblin/gnome at a demon hunter themed goblin/gnome event.

4. Must be level 98 to join the actual group, but not to join our start up discord. Interviews and RP quests will be conducted for looking to get into Felreaver Spy Syndicate.


Discord: https: // discord.gg/ez4XAGd

We prefer to keep things focused on the discord. When you join be sure to state that you are there about the Goblin/Gnome DH group.
Common Questions and Critisms

Q: “Goblins and Gnomes cannot be demon hunters because they are not apart of the Ilidari
A: Dispite the name”Gnomish Ilidari Forces”, we don’t consider ourselfs apart of the Illidari. In our RP, we are apart of an Goblin/gnome military organization that utilizes soul harvesting technology to hunt demons and utilize their power to protect Azeroth.

Q”The rituals that the Illidari needed to undergo are extremely deadly and most elves didn’t even survive them. How can you tell me that a group of goblins and gnomes can do this?

A: We don’t actually absorb demon souls into our body, but rather into engineering constructs. In the process of our research, we have engineered a much safer way to do this and made an attempt to get the Illidari to use this technology to save potential elven lives. They wrote us off as a joke though and now we need to shut them down to stop their dangerous practices.

Q: “There was never any mention of a group like this in lore. How can something like this actually be taken seriously in RP

A: We know that both goblins and gnomes can be warlocks. This means that some of them can tolerate what it takes to deal with fel magic. This also means that people out there can use darker and more forbidden magics for the greater good. Though it doesn’t technically exist in lore, it is canonically possible it could if blizzard wanted to make it so.

Q: “I see the Gnomish Illidari Forces on realm Sargeras. How can I join if it is not in ED?

I am starting this group off as a discord community branching from an already well established discord community called”The Goblin Coliseum”. People from all realms are welcome so long as they fit the requirements and seem to be a good fit for the group. Currently the actual in game Gnomish Illidari Forces seen in my profile is mostly just for show. Once a better foundation has be established, then I begin to create guilds for it. Since we are focusing on recruiting only Goblins and Gnomes, a practical careful approach would be to build a community first.

Q: "Why would their be any need for demon hunters anymore? The legion is defeated."

Countless worlds remain conquered by the legion and are still seething with demons. There is always the possibility that someone very powerful among those worlds may try to arise and unit the legion once again. Demons can also come in many forms and the purpose of demon hunters was not just to hunt demons, but to protect Azeroth. Whatever presents itself as the biggest threat is what they go after next.
We seek both Goblins and Gnomes who'd love the idea of doing some Goblin/Gnome Demon hunter RP. Can be any class. Outlaw Rogue is the one to roll for the classic DH look, but all classes have the capability of having good fel mogs.

This is all really fascinating and your level of dedication to this unique idea is commendable. Everything sounds so thoroughly planned out. I’m a little tempted to make a gnome now.

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Trying to figure out why a Sargeras guild is posting on the ED forums.

And why some dude is replying 4 months later to it.

Oh, I’m new to the forums, but not new to wow. I just thought this was a very interesting idea is all. I’m not above digging deep through past posts to find cool topics.

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This is all really fascinating and your level of dedication to this unique idea is commendable. Everything sounds so thoroughly planned out. I’m a little tempted to make a gnome now.

Thank you!

Trying to figure out why a Sargeras guild is posting on the ED forums.

And why some dude is replying 4 months later to it.

At the time I was thinking of moving it to ED, but its going to remain just a guild between me and a few friends probably.