Give alliance Naga. Give Horde Hozen

I wanna play as 3 of those sand pygmy things from uldum standing on each others shoulders.


Poor naive Crug.

They’ll give Alliance “Alterac” Humans, “Stormgarde” Humans and give Horde Ogres, Naga, Hozen, Tuskarr.

Then a few of them will show up to defend them saying “But I like Alterac and Stromgarde humans so well done Blizzard” while thousands of posters asking for unique races gets ignored.

That’s what happened with Kultirans and Mechagnomes a.k.a copypasta Bulkier Humans and Character Customization.

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…this is frighteningly accurate.

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We literally have Hozen Horde soldiers in BFA, they never stopped being part of the Horde.

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It’s more about the unfairness the Alliance players faces all the time. Leaper Gnomes and Gilgoblins are low level customization races which do not require much work, aren’t actually requested and will likely add nothing to the player base. They will always stay a minority race not played often.


Not true. The mechagnome love thread has been the longest standing AR celebration thread since BFA.

And the kelfin thread has had a lot of support for while now. Plus gnome fans were requesting more gnome content and relevancy even before bfa was funny out. And just because something isn’t as popular doesn’t mean its a bad idea. If blizzard catered to only the most popular races we’ve have had nothing but elves in the playable race roster.

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First time I’ve seen a hozen request. lol

And high elves were part of the BFA alliance armies, yet they aren’t part of alliance officially.

No more damn races.

Will just lead to more pointless mega threads about naga’s needing eye shadow or something equally inane

Nah, I’m good.

That is a fair point.

Right now we do feel mighty one note.

Okay, let’s meet somewhere in the middle: They have their fans but they are not a popular race. Isn’t it true that gnomes and goblins are one of the least played races in the game?

That doesn’t matter. If it did matter blizzard wouldn’t even have goblins and gnomes playable. If you want world of elf craft play FF14.

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If we had any real accurate numbers it’d be a lot easier to tell.

Plus taking into account time and difficulty in accessibility.

It might just be hard to really be sure until all AR’s are equally easily acquirable.

Despite that its not like it matters much. We’re here, and so long as there are people who want to play them there shouldn’t be an issue.

Someone will always be at the bottom of the barrel. That doesn’t mean they don’t deserve nice things.

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Oh, it surely does matter. This is why you haven’t seen Mekkatore (or how his name is) even in cutscenes prior Battle for Azeroth at all.

But there is no need to be aggressive. We do play minority races, this is a fact.

Yes if alliance gets Mechagnomes Horde should have leper gnomes. Fair is fair. Horde should have some gnomes.

The best plot will be Alliance- Broken , Horde- Naga

Oh, it surely does matter. This is why you haven’t seen Mekkatore (or how his name is) even in cutscenes prior Battle for Azeroth at all.

What about pandas? They have an entire zone based off them and are one of the least played races and they have been used in future expansions after pandaria again.
Goblins literally have structures all over the place and apparently they even invented the currency system azeroth uses today and they continue to add lore for them almost every expansion.
Dwarves have also have a major capital city and are one of the least played races and they have gotten even more lore over the years.
And in regards to gnomes. They did get a lot of additional lore and content with the additional mechagon area and arguably the best dungeon in all of bfa. Not to mention in legion they had the addition of gnome hunters. A common misconception also is that they never retook gnomergan, but they actually did. There was an entire questline in cata regarding this. Its just not represented in game for practical reasons.

You can also see mekkatorque here in a legion cutscene.

Oh, yes. They are definitely underused.

Mechagnomes were a major push for Gnome-lore but Gnomeregan isn’t still repaired and your presence is more an after-thought than an actual player race. But this is not your fault but the Horde-team and their bias towards us.

Oh, the video. Looks like they do care a bit for your race after all.

Nagas can’t wear boots though… They would have to invent a dumb racial that explained you were gaining stats from boots while keeping them in your pocket, lol.

(Edit 2: Also Nagas should totally be Horde, unless Horde get Sethrak or Saurok instead)