Geforce Now

I have been using Geforce Now to play here lately as I don’t have a computer that can support WoW. I was reading on Reddit that this can result in a ban. Is this true?

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I don’t think you’ll get a black and white answer here to be honest. It really depends on the service. But typically, anything that’s considered cloud-based streaming would be against the rules (found in the EULA).


This is gonna crush me if I can’t play. :frowning: Freaking gaming computers are not even close to my budget right now. :rage:

Just to add on what Perl said, I think it was last June??? But they specifically added CLOUD based gaming into the EULA.

I have not read anything, as of yet, that says anyone has been actioned. However, as Perl said, amongst the myriad of questions about it, there has never been an official response that I know about.


Well I’m going to cancel then. Crap. Who would I email for an official response to this? Do you know?

I don’t know if it helps or not, but the system requirements for WoW are pretty lax. You don’t need anything labeled as a “Gaming” system to get wow up and running :wink:

As for contacting someone about it, you’re welcome to put in a ticket, but when it comes to approving specific pieces of software, they don’t tend to do that. Software can change and be used in ways that Blizz can’t control. As such, they don’t tend to give specific approvals.

In case this helps:

Just focus on the min specs, not the recommended.


Thank you for the help Perl, I can’t afford a computer period right now. I have an old one but it won’t touch the minimum specs.

This really has me sad because I just got my main to 120 and was working on my allied races stuff. This was my way to de-stress from work.

Sorry just feeling really bummed right now. :disappointed_relieved:

Totally understand. Sorry it wasn’t what you were hoping for :frowning:

I wish you all the best though!


Yes I am sorry to have been the bearer of bad news as well.

I want to stress, though, Perl and I don’t know for certain. We just know the language that got added to the EULA and the responses to questions like this in the past. We’ll the no official yes or no responses…

I want to stress what I say here. I do not want it misinterpreted or put on a a difinitive answer.

I do not recall seeing one case of somebody getting suspended (they don’t ban anymore unless really bad) over this.


That is not a license to do it. I would say use at your own risk. Nothing may ever happen. Or it might. We simply don’t know as players.

That said, people using the exp potion exploit didn’t have any forewarned notice either. So please bear that in mind.

Sorry again I could not give you an answer you wanted, or even difinitive


Well I opened a ticket. I canceled my sub until I get a yay or nay.

I found an MMO-Champ post (from Jul. 2018) where a player stated that they got a 30 day suspension for using GEforce Now as did some other members from their guild.

I wish you luck with the ticket Maggie. Let us know how it goes!


Thanks, if I told on myself it does not really matter if I’m suspended as I won’t have a computer to connect with anyway. I will however let people know if I get a response.

This has me really sad. :frowning: I love this game.

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Well the games not going anywhere ull get a new computer eventualy enjoy the break it never a bad thing.


Eh, it’s not gonna be something I can afford for awhile. But I get what you’re saying. … Sorry just upset.

We understand check ur buy and sell groups someones always selling a used computer you may get lucky.


We’d only be able to offer you what our EULA says in regards to cloud gaming platforms. Sorry, but we won’t be able to provide anything more specific than that.

License Limitations. Blizzard may suspend or revoke your license to use the Platform, or parts, components and/or single features thereof, if you violate, or assist others in violating, the license limitations set forth below. You agree that you will not, in whole or in part or under any circumstances, do the following:

V. Cloud Computing: Use the Platform, including a Game, in connection with any unauthorized third-party “cloud computing” services, “cloud gaming” services, or any software or service designed to enable the unauthorized streaming or transmission of Game content from a third-party server to any device.


Okay, well thanks for the response Kalviery.


I will come back when I can get a computer. I’ve said it before but man, this is upsetting.


These discussions always lead to speculation and misinformation. So I’m going to go ahead and shut it down and refer back to our EULA as the only word on this subject.

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