GDKPs saved WoW

Some of us work long jobs.

Some of us have kids.

Some of us have lives, wives, and a social life.

We can’t be on the PC from 8AM to 8 PM burning our retinas away staring at TBC Classic daily trying to earn gold and parse 100s.

Does this mean players like us who have less time than we did when we were 13 deserve to be unfairly treated? Does it mean we shouldn’t experience the content? Should we not be allowed to participate in a game we spend $15/month for??

GDKPs ALLOW us to be able to still be relevant in the game.

Instead of spending hours and days and weeks searching for guilds, finding groups, downing old content, I can just choose to join a GDKP and buy the specific pieces I need.

In return, I get a small cut of everyone’s purchases and for participating in the raid itself.

This is a FAIR system.

Only a VERY SMALL MINORITY of players RMT/Buy Gold, so why should we punish the MAJORITY of LEGIT players over a SMALL group of bad actors?


report for trolling? you just want some attention

GDKPs are trash. If you don’t have time to play WoW Classic, the game shouldn’t be abused to fit you. You’ve posted multiple troll threads already. Just report troll and move on.


Report this guy and get him off the forums already. He made a thread last week about how bad are gdkp.

pls someone, get him out

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Link it.

You can’t because it NEVER happened.

You can try to discredit the truth ALL you want, but they discredited Jesus too.

Literally says he doesnt have time to farm gold… Can somehow afford items in a GDKP…



Pls go on with what you said, go play Lost Ark


I quit Lost Ark.

I realized if I was going to play P2W Garbage, it’d be this one.

Also I changed my mind, GDKPs are actually good.

It’s quite sad to see you not being able to change your mind given new information :yawning_face:

What exactly are you trying to be relevant for if this:

is too hard for you? What is the point of gearing up if you have no end game goal besides gear? The classic population will most likely fall off once we reach the end of wotlk. What is the point of the journey if you don’t have friends or a guild and choose to get gear through means of anti-social mechanics? Are you just wanting to sit in shatt for 2 hours a day, ignoring your family and friends to show off your non-unique bear mount and gear that every sweat lord has?

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And so what if someone is trying to do that? What if that’s THEIR version of fun.

Who are you to tell others what they can or can’t do with their time?

-50 gDKP for trolling.

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Stating your opinion in bold font doesn’t make it factual. GDKPs are definitely appealing to people who can’t play “a lot” because of their jobs/wives/kids/etc. However, there are plenty of us with jobs/wives/kids/etc. that play ALL THE TIME and do not choose to participate in GDKPs.

RMT is against the TOS.

GDKP is NOT against the TOS and it 100% is the reason why Classic even exists.

If I have to SR/HR Pugs with trash players who loot gear off pure RNG, I would’ve quit a long time ago along with 80% or more of the population.

GDKPs are popular BECAUSE they are fair.

Where does your gold come from since you can’t really put that many hours into the game? Pretty sure GDKP’s don’t invite broke buyers and carry them unless they have gold to begin with to buy gear?

Regardless unless you’re RMT, you’re having to put hours into the game to farm gold to GDKP, same hours you also could just spend raiding with a guild I’d imagine?

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From Vanilla, I made a ton back then when I had time and never spent it.

Most players do NOT RMT, GDKPs are legit.

Why do you need to have 100 parses to enjoy the game? If you can’t put in the time, then don’t expect to be on top. Honestly…it should be the sweaty die-hards that reap the greatest rewards for their massive time investment. Not someone who raid logs but just has a fat wallet.

Name calling is inappropriate.

Please, let us keep the forums civil.

I won’t deny the popularity of GDKP’s and the temptation they offer to players, but the fact is GDKP’s come with very heavy consequences that undermine the integrity of the game. It drastically increases the demand for gold buying. It undermines players time who want to farm legitimately due to rampant gold inflation. The best gold farmers earn something like 400g/hr(without boosting). The average gold farming is like 100-200g/hr(just people doing dailies playing the game). A GDKP on the other hand, can easily give you access to 500+ gph, and often times you go into the thousands.

What does this mean? It means if you’re not going to GDKP’s regularly, you’re being hurt by the gold inflation it brings into the game. This is what’s known as a negative externality. It pushes players out of the game who aren’t willing or able to join in the optimal gold making method.

So almost every player has two options if they want to keep up with inflation in the game.

  1. Buy gold.
  2. Go to GDKP’s.

The 3rd option is to farm your own gold. Which is a terrible choice and not at all practical with run away inflation in the game.



Few people think or talk about the unseen damage the botting / RMT / Gold selling has on the game. The average gold buying zoomer would say “Who cares bro, it doesnt affect you at all, let me live my life.” But it creates massive inflation and puts the players who are following the rules at a severe disadvantage.

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Ingame inflation is the tide that lifts all boats.

Vendor items stay the same price, but anyone participating in the AH has more money to spend.