18th Anniversary - Nothing new just like any other event in WoW

As I mentioned on the Beta forums and GD, It doesn’t matter the number of anniversary.


This is a live game, We should have some new rewards, something to buy with timewarped badges via good gameplay.

At least the anniversary has more content that other events: A specific BG, World bosses, XP increase.

However, It still feels like something left behind.

OW 2022: New Skins

Maybe something like DBD that includes new mechanics each anniversary for some cosmetics?

Or We can even check what other MMORPGs do for an anniversary event:

Who could imagine a new questline for some reward in a MMORGP?

I already mentioned this before, but if quest designer worry about players doing quest, focus on side quest:

the main storyline could be skipped or rush during an expansion release, so maybe if you provide a good questline on events when there’s not a big rush for endgame content.

WoW anniversary has just a little bit of gameplay and for some events almost nothing besides a really low drop, while other games actually update events to bring players back for some rewards and activities.