Gamers’ Choice Awards Nomination


As some of you might have seen, World of Warcraft is currently up for the “Fan Favorite MMORPG” awards as part of CBS’s first Gamer’s Choice Awards, a completely fan voted award show for gaming and esports.

We just wanted to take some time to thank our community for nominating us and continuing to support World of Warcraft now for more than 14 years. We also want to congratulate the rest of the nominees and say that we feel very humbled to be in a category with so many amazing games created by talented teams across the world. The MMORPG genre is a very unique one and we love seeing the support everyone shows for their favorite worlds and universes that we all log into and get lost in creating our own stories.

If you’d like to participate you can register an account and vote for you favorite games in all of the respective categories.
Here is where you can do that:

Thanks again for all of your support and passion over the years. World of Warcraft has been evolving for more than a decade with your support and we hope to continue that into the future with you.

-The World of Warcraft Team

BfA won Gamers` Choice Awards 🏆
(Fugubar) #2

Sorry, but I’m not about to create yet another user ID and password just to vote on something. (And have my email address collected and sold so I can get more spam.)

(Opera) #3

Sorry, but that nomination is very much not deserved.

And I sincerely hope WoW doesn’t win.


I voted for FFXIV. :joy:

(Raicolette) #5

If anyone votes for WoW, instead of FF14 or other worthy games, you’re part of the problem of why WoW is what it is now.

(Alisiaa) #6

I mean…what else is there?

Just FFXIV? How many MMO’s are still chugging at this point?

No offense i’d vote FFXIV, but that’s cause I am bias to Lalafels

(Brugin) #7

My vote goes to Everquest. Sorry.

(Alisiaa) #8

That’s still a thing???


They have ESO, Maple, BDO, EVE and some korean MMO.

(Brugin) #10

Yep. Still going. Its owned by Daybreak since SOE liquidated

(Sanshunter) #11

I’d rather have you addressing real in-game issues. No I won’t register and vote for wow.

(Lóthorin) #12

Luh freaking mao.

(Alisiaa) #13

I thought Eve was something else, Mable and BDO makes sense.

What Korean MMO? Elsword or Dungeon FIghters Online? wait do those count?

Huh, interesting I wonder how accessible it is nowadays.

(Rokugan) #14

I can’t justify a vote. I wish I could, but I can’t.

Warcraft is not in a good place right now. For me personally, the story is what’s killing it for me. It’s written so badly, and ruins characters I’ve loved for years. As a member of the Story Forum community for a very long time, with over 25,000 posts registered on the old forum, I feel like I’m educated enough on the subject to give that judgement.

The story is bad. The gameplay, from what I can tell, has been lacking. There’s not much to do compared to older expansions, if you don’t raid or hardcore pvp, outside of RP or farming transmog.

I’d love to give the vote, but I can’t in good faith.

(Damalys) #15

It was nominated by the community so it’s pretty clear some people are content with the game. It’s fine not to be happy with something but is the salt and snark really necessary? While I do prefer FF these days,I still enjoy WoW for what it is and it appears that they are trying to fix most of the issues with 8.1 [unless the salt permeates from people who are impatient about flight ./eyeroll] I congratulate WoW on the nomination and if it wins,cool beans if not then I’ll at least be the better player and not revel in petty shadenfraude as I’d rather see them SUCCEED than spitefully wish them to FAIL. ;D

Edit’ I swear to God this phone.

(Sorelai) #16

I just create random Gmail accounts for this purpose.


Any other expansion, minus WoD, I would have voted for WoW. But let’s be honest, it’s really not deserved here.

(Killershama) #18

Hmm, I don’t know. WoW hasn’t been a fun game in the last year to get my vote. But WoW might win by default, and I will be surprised if it didn’t win.

(Sincubus) #19

You must have known you would get this reaction, right

(Rakruwah) #20

lol no, sorry but this game isn’t worth an award