Gamble LFM Raiders/Members*

:crossed_swords:Gamble is recruiting
Our leadership current progression in CoS is 2/2H and BoD is 9/9H, 3/9M

° We are a Heroic/Mythic focused guild. Our goal is to achieve the AOTC for a raid tier when it is current all while having fun and respect for our members.

° Our raid times are “casual”. We only raid 2 days a week for three hours a night. Even with this limited time we achieve our AOTC goal. While our times are considered semi-casual, and our attitudes relaxed and easy going, our chase for the AOTC is not.

° Outside of raiding we do Mythic+, run old raid achieves and mounts .

° We are a mature tight knit guild. We welcome anyone who shares our passion for semi-casual but focused raiding. We do not claim to be hard core mythic raiders nor are we slackers.

Currently we have room for:
:syringe: Healers- Low
:bow_and_arrow:Ranged DPS- Low
:crossed_swords:Melee DPS- Low
:shield:Tanks- Closed

All serious inquiries will be considered for any roles not listed.

Raid Times::crossed_swords::bow_and_arrow::shield::syringe:

Tues and Thursdays 8pm to 11:00pm Est
We also provide Flasks :champagne:/Feast :pancakes: for our raiders.

Mythic+ Runs are during the week and weekend
to get our members their loot/chest :gift::fireworks::tada:

For more information contact
Artfulee Ingame
BT*Merciliz#1646- Officer

still in need of players

Hay saw you post on my post. I’m intrested

Was that you that sent me a Bnet request? Awesome to hear i’ll reach out to you if that was you that Bnet me if not add me and we will talk.

Yes it was me

need a 406 hpally aotc?

Yes and welcome