Free Character Transfers -- March 3


Since the introduction of the Faction Change service in Wrath of the Lich King Classic, we’ve received a lot of feedback from players currently playing on locked, single-faction realms. They would like to faction change and move to the other locked realm in their region.

We’ve just temporarily opened Free Character Transfers between the two most populated (locked) realms in each region:

Benediction Faerlina
Faerlina Benediction

Please be reminded that the Free Character Transfer service may be closed at any time, without notice.


What if I’m from a server that isn’t either Faerlina or Beny? Good job forgetting about all the other servers, Blizz.


Way to make the population problems worse! Meanwhile those of us that went to dead realms like eranikus not only had to pay to get off but could not chose the realms we came from. Thanks for the low blow


Why don’t you just give free transfers from Benediction and Faerlina so they can go to OTHER servers? There’s no reason to just allow free transfers between 2 locked servers, seems silly.


Still locked. Just tried to transfer my warrior that I transferred off of Faerlina during the queue shenanigans and it says that Faerlina is not accepting transfers at this time.


Yup… If you did what blizzard asked you to do around prepatch time you are now screwed and forced to live with horrible servers. This is literally the worst possible server management you will see in any game.


If there is no faction-restriction to the transfers, instead of a 99/1 and 1/99 server, we are going to have a 100/0 and a 0/100 server.


Yes, searching the forums I can definitely see all the people clamouring for this to happen, and not anything else


Literally just spent the money to go from Faerlina ally to Pagle. Thanks for this!


Thanks for baiting me 6months ago to switch to eranikus…


Cool. Can you guys allow paid server transfers to Grobbulus too.

Really ridiculous that it’s unlocked but not to transfer. You know that just means you got our server filled with bots, instead of our friends, right?


Remember during pre-patch when you were adamant that if people xferred off Bene or Faerlina to other servers that you hand picked then it wouldn’t be a case of only 2 populated servers? And thousands of people believed you and went there? Any word on what they’re supposed to do now that all of those servers are dead or overrun with bots?

It’s a lot easier to just admit out loud that you don’t care about classic anymore than continuing to shred your reputation over and over again with decisions like this.


and still nothing with grob.

Just an FYI this should be a case study of how not to manage a gaming community with multiple servers. Kinda crazy how you guys are so selective on feedback from the community. Like the changes to ulduar for gear to make it more meaningful, 10 mans dropping 25 man loot, heroic +'s all big W’s. The server and community management? Giant F’s all around.
What’s crazy is that at this point I can’t tell if its just severe incompetence or ignorance of the current player base, or if you all think this will drive people to pay money for other services that you all have been pushing.
Can you all maybe just do everyone a favor and just make these mega servers based off of PVE/PVP/ PVPRP already, and just let people freely choose which of the servers to play on? (Okay keep the fresh servers still separated too, I’m fine with that.)
You all merged realms before, its all on the same server architecture (That you all claim is the reason why mega/regional servers are a no go to begin with) And frankly doing this will overall help the game and allow people to spend money switching from truly a realm type while not getting hindered to spend money on the gamble that their server move won’t end up in flames because of population issues.


Please close this immediately. Every horde arena player that I know is faction changing alliance and transferring to Benediction as I type this message. This change will destroy the already fragile arena community on Faerlina horde.

At least limit these transfers to non-faction changed characters.


Okay now do the realms that you kept locked and caused one of the factions to die(Sulfuras)


Fix the issue! let the unhealthy servers have a chance as well specially when we were promised healthy populations and now they are dead. I was OG Sulf, it died, I had to pay to go to Bene, then was promised Sulf was going to get better and they locked it immediately and now everyone left with faction changes so we are back to dead… please fix this crap… allow us to move freely without the stupid costs.


LOL. This is just a total money grab because you weren’t getting enough for the newest upsell due to the faction imbalance already being so bad.


No, we’re full. Go play somewhere else.


Absolutely astonishing how out of touch blizzard is with the player base