Free Character Transfers Closing on December 17

On November 28, we enabled the Free Character Transfer service for players who have characters on high population realms that were experiencing consistent, extended queues.

  • Free Character Transfers will be closed for all realms after 11:00 a.m. PST (2:00 p.m. EST) on Thursday, December 17.

We strongly suggest that any players who intend to use a Free Character Transfer do so as soon as possible. If this service is available on your realm, you’ll find it in the Services section of the Shop on your character selection screen for that realm.


Thanks for the free transfer !

Cheers for providing the end date info !

Is there a list of Realms that are eligible for this transfer?


Quoting from the OP…

queremos transferencia gratuita para los jugadores en servidores con muy poca polacion :c


Is this just for one character or can you move multiple from the realm

If it works the same as it did in the past, you can move as many as you want until the closing date.

Thanks for the free xfers.

Any chance you guys will bring back the free faction changes for severely imbalanced realms or nah? It affects the economy and raids/group content, not just WM.


Thank you for this. Moved all 10 of my toons from Area52 and so much happier now.

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I’m surprised that Sargeras isn’t one of the realms for this, it’s always listed as Full but I don’t have the option to move. Oh well.

It keeps asking me to pay for it. *'m going to the shop/services/character transfer option. What am I doing wrong? It’s on the same account. I’m trying to move from a high pop to a medium where a friend plays. I have a lot of characters to transfer but how do I do it without paying?

You can move at least 2…worked for me anyway.

I can’t move any. I log in, get to the character select screen for the realm to transfer from, select shop, select transfer character, click the “buy now” button, select the realm the character is on, select the character, select destination realm, click continue and get asked for payment. My guess is it’s something with the “buy now” button maybe? Should I even see that for right now doing character transfers? I’m trying to transfer from a full pop (Gorefiend) and also a high pop (Borean Tundra and/or Shadowsong) down to a medium pop server (Laughing skull) a friend plays on. What’s wrong?

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If your realm is eligible it’ll say “Free transfer” in the top left hand corner.
You need to switch to the realm you want to transfer from before clicking on “Shop”

Ones that had extended and consistent queues - if a free transfer isn’t available in the shop then you don’t qualify.

your server doesn’t qualify for a free transfer - high populations servers didn’t have extended and consistent queues only some of the ones indicated as full.

When will servers with nearly zero population get merged with others, or when will we get the option to move characters without spending up to 300 dollars? I started on Blackwing Lair over a decade ago, and the thing that turns me off the most about WoW is being stuck on an archaic server. Even when merged with Dethecus, Shadowmoon, Detheroc, Haomarush, and Lethon, BWL is still so dead…

I did a duo transfer from A52 to a very low pop server about 8 hours ago, and the little thingy next to the character’s names have displayed "Processing: Your Free Character Transfer is being processed. Estimated Time 2 hours 6 minutes. "
It’s not gone below 2 hours since 3am this morning, but the minutes have gone from 18, to 6, to 10 now at 6. I’m not complaining, it makes me laugh. Like the server is in a tug of war not wanting to let my characters go so it keeps sucking them back into the fray, like one of the Castle Nath bosses!!! haha That was honestly my first thought. lol

Can I have a free Character reboost? Just take all my achievements and renown off my Warrior and put it on my Paladin?

I was unaware Warrior would be the whipping boy Arm, Fury and Prot all suck!

Thanks Blizzard!

That would be too sensible and useful for Blizz to do.