Free Character Transfers Now Available For Some Realms

No queue tonight – so far – on A52. First time in 1.5 weeks

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Bleeding Hollow is a good Horde realm. I have a few there myself.

You guys should bring back the free Horde-to-Alliance faction changes while you’re at it.


I moved from the West Coast to the East Coast and I would <3 a free character transfer so I can be in sync with raid times. However apparently it’s not an option on my high population server. I fear that Shadowlands is going to be an unenjoyable experience with 3 hours time difference. $25 x multiple toons gets very expensive.

i was looking for a new home, one that wasnt crowded, the ecomony was decent, the black market wasnt stupid, and the atmosphere was good. I spent a month researching different servers until i found one. Paid the 25 to move and a month and a half later they added new servers to cross realm.

Now its to overcrowded, toxic chat nonestop, economy is trash and its rare to see a black market container under 400k. I complained but since it had been over a month(barely) Blizz balked at my request to move again or even move back to where i came. So i paid them to move me to a situation that was worse than i left. And ill pay again to move away from this hellhole. And the worst part is, Blizz knows ill pay so they have no reason to throw me a bone and move me for free.

The free characters are still up? Cuz im thinking about leaving A52.

is the free chart transfer still up?

Yes, they’re still available for A52.

Let us transfer to another region :smiley: I moved to Europe but don’t want to lose all my progress.

The queue on A52 is back today as well with the raid launch,

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Thank God I elected to switch 9 of my characters off A52 and switched 2 to Hyjal and 7 to Bleeding Hollow. Best decision in this game since creation!

ressurect Zuluhed!!

they aren’t allowing transfers to high pop servers - so that makes sense you can transfer to doomhammer being low pop and not to Archimonde being high population. There isn’t much point to letting just creating a problem on another server

Is this still going on?
I have toons on Proudmoore and Thrall that I want to move to lower pop realms. There is no option for a free transfer.
The fact that eligible realms are not even listed is a little vague on this whole service.

IF your server didn’t have queue to log in on launch day, you’re probably not in the eligible realms.

it works, transferred a character from tichondrius to a low pop realm to play with a friend.

So what is a good server to transfer to?

I like Much Ghostlands / mafurion, the market is solid and i liked it.

how long will this be available