Followed instructions in the bluepost exactly and did not rank up. Set up for failure by Blizzard


I farmed 11k coins to buy honor tokens on my priest and my shaman before p3 and used them, following the instructions in this bluepost exactly:

I am now still rank 5 and it says the 110k honor is for last week.

I spent so much time and energy on this and while I entirely understand nobody cares if a single random person on the internet quits, I am extremely worried all my hard work is just gone down the drain and I don’t understand why? I followed the bluepost exactly.

Surely something went wrong and there’s something that can be done about this? I searched and it looks like it’s happening to other people too. Apparently 15 HKs were needed? I thought that was only to go from rank 0-1??? Why would they not say that in the bluepost???

If this is just done and final, this is the kind of devastated that will cause me to just stop playing. I have always played retail but have been loving SoD so much but if there’s nothing I can do I don’t think I want to play this game any more. I had no idea that there was a hidden requirement and I don’t understand at all why they wouldn’t mention that in the bluepost. I feel like I was set up to fail and frankly this is really upsetting. I’m sure people are going to pour into comments here to try to blame me (I have not played classic previously and would never know these things myself) but I assumed following the bluepost’s instructions would be sufficient.

Because following the instructions given by blizzard SHOULD be sufficient.


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Did you do it before the actual reset happened. Cuz it’s not until a set time .

I used my commendations on Wednesday after the bluepost made it clear they could be used any time after last Tuesday.

Did you level up? Did you happen to transfer severs after using them?

Both characters are 50 and were 50 before reset today.

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Maybe I’m wrong but I thought they said to use them after SoD Phase 3 went live.


This is Season of Discovery. You certainly made a “Discovery”, didn’t you?

Discovered that you flushed 110k honor down the toilet.

I hope you enjoy finding any future Discoveries, such as Discovering that you will be getting farmed in AB by shadow priests, shamans, and other OP classes.

RIP to your 110k honor though. F.

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Oof, yep there’s your problem. Thats rough.

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“Rank 5 characters should use them after maintenance tomorrow” (as in, last tuesday) which is what I did.

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To the others in this thread, OP did everything right except for getting 15 HKs between last Tuesday and today’s reset.

You have to have 15 HKs in a week for the honor you gain in that week to count. Full stop.


You aren’t the only person this has happened to. The unlucky victims of this have additionally Discovered that the smug devs barely even know the mechanics behind their own game.

While most of us already know about the 15 honorable kills rank thing, they certainly could have quickly mentioned that in their post.

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I remember that post, too. I remember people complaining a lot during OG Classic about not having ranks update on time, maybe this is part of that.

Hope this works out for you. I also didn’t get rank, but I messed up by saving coins, not rep tokens :frowning:


On the bright side the PvP gear is horrible so you are not missing out on much.

Except it’s not. It’s a great set for some classes, including both that I did this grind on. I also won a tier piece last night and passed it to the second highest roll because I was going to be getting r7 sets today.

There’s no reason whatsoever that the bluepost shouldn’t have mentioned the 15 HK requirement. Not all of us played original classic or vanilla and would just know that is a requirement.

This seems like a big oversight and frankly I am hoping, even somewhat expecting something be done on Blizzard’s part here.

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But 15 HKs is nothing. Why would you think you’re entitled to PVP gear without PVPing?

you needed 15 HKs

and yes Blizzard was pretty low IQ for not giving clarity on the 15 Hk requirement and the level requirements (41 for rank 6, 44 for rank 7)

I’m assuming you didn’t get the 15hks required for honor to count?



The worst part too is that farming STV again for 110k honor is out of the question, since Bloodstained Commendations got nerfed into the ground for no reason.

Now OP is relegated to getting farmed in AB for 110k honor.

Blizz really needs to fix this.

Exactly. The option to just re-do it was taken away.

Blizzard omitted a requirement from their bluepost. The requirement is not stated in-game nor was it in the bluepost.

There is 0 reason to be blaming the players here. Those of us who didn’t play original classic would never have known about that requirement and it should have been stated.

Also, the person saying that I’m “entitled to pvp rank without pvping” is comical at best. This was hours and hours of STV pvp that I did to get that honor.