Bloodstained Commendations Going Away in Phase 3

The current version of Bloodstained Commendations are going to remain purchasable until Thursday when Phase 3 launches. Make sure to buy any you want before then!

Note that if you are already Rank 5 and you use them today, you won’t rank up tomorrow as the level cap has not increased yet. Rank 5 characters should use them after maintenance tomorrow so that you get that honor for the following week’s reset on April 9.


This is not an april fools joke right.


What about level requirements for Rank 7? Can we hit Rank 7 at level 40?



Will there still be a level requirement of 41 for Rank 6, and 44 for Rank 7? This was the case in Vanilla, Classic, as well as Era. Or was this level restriction removed for SoD?


Why are people even buying the PvP gear if they will already be max rank and have gear day one…they won’t even PvP because there is nothing to grind for. I mean, a few might world PvP for the lulz or do an event/BG or two, but you have essentially removed the entire carrot from the stick for phase 3.

Not to mention this creates a gatekeeping scenario for new players who cannot grind out rep through ashenvale and will be at a massive disadvantage in gear when they want to grind PvP in phase 3.

For the record i have loads of these saved up myself but when i stopped to think about it the entire premise felt really short sighted.

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You know there are future phases and more rep to grind right?

Couple things…

  1. Can you confirm this is NOT an April Fools joke?

  2. You make it sound like after this next reset which is tomorrow- if I were to hypothetically use/farm enough honor to reach r7- I can do that THIS COMING WEEK, and then theoretically obtain r7 by next next reset which is 4/9 ?? Can you confirm?

  3. What happened to commendations would be good for 2 weeks after p2 ends ??

There will be new Blood Moon rewards and a new faction reputation pvp set for newer players so people will still be grinding for things in pvp.

This is the case…assuming you are high enough level.

If possible can we get a blue statement on if we are okay to actually turn in our coins for commendations past a certain point? I just need to know if its going to be limited or not because instead of just losing my coins i’d rather use on AB honor if its not going to impact ranking next week.

I’m not so sure. I think the reason this works, is they’re increasing the level cap 4/4 with release of p3. So you’ll be able to reach r7 at level 40 hypothetically. At least based on what I gather from this blue post. But I could be wrong… wish we had more clarity on this.

I would 100% regardless of what they say about commendations not use them until you are 50 just to be safe. There was a barrier in classic that you couldn’t get to rank 7 until 44 I believe it was.

This is good to know… but damn if you can get r7 by 4/9, that is nuts. Guess I’ll be team no sleep all weekend lol , and aim for lvl 50 by 4/8 then use all my honor tokens then.

who pvps only to grind?

Can the dev team confirm what the level requirements are for ranks 6 and 7?
Does this level need to be achieved prior to honor collection or just by the end of a given week?

why does the level requirement matter? you use them at 40 and level to 44+ and get rank 7 next reset.

the honor ranking is calculated on the reset day meaning it doesnt matter what level you are. just be level 44 or above before reset. Why are people so paranoid?

probably from fear that they might be wasting all their tokens that took a bit to farm? Seems like a perfectly rational question, especially considering blizzards track record of breaking things and then not compensating anyone.

  1. Hit level 44+
  2. Get 15 Honorable Kills (necessary to rank up on the week)
  3. Click 44 stacks (440 total commendations) of Bloodstained Commendations
  4. Enjoy your new 6/6 PvP Rank 7 set on Tuesday, April 9.
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Sounds about right. Thanks for spelling it out for the rest of us. fistbump