Followed instructions in the bluepost exactly and did not rank up. Set up for failure by Blizzard

It’s easy for those of us who have been playing for a long time to think the 15 HK requirement is just universally known, but SoD has a brought in a lot of new/retail players who might not be familiar with some of vanilla’s more arcane systems. And I really think the responsibility falls on Blizzard to make sure that these mechanics are properly communicated when appropriate, such as in the linked blue post.

This is also compounded by the fact that the blood moon event doesn’t give HKs, which is what allowed this situation to happen. This would be a non-issue under normal circumstances, where the 15 HK minimum would’ve been passively satisfied just by grinding the honor. Because of this, that simple omission of information in the blue post caused a new player to have a substantially negative experience and I think that is really crummy.

I don’t expect anything can be done at this point, but even still I wish there was something Blizz could do as recompense.

Sorry that this happened to you, OP. I know how much effort that grind takes. You thought the steps outlined in that bluepost were comprehensive but it was missing a vital step.

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LOL. Good luck with that.

How exactly do you think they got 110k worth of honor from STV without PvPing…?

What sucks is devs will ignore the fact that they are screwing up, both in development oversights or communication, and continue to blame the players like OP.
Just like how it’s every players fault who farmed 2 of the new wild offerings trinkets and had one deleted (with no currency refund or warning). They made the ring unique so youd figure they thought of the unique tags for the new gear but nope, the players should have known they were supposed to be unique and that the devs slept on the job and forgot then just let it sit all weekend to be farmed.
I love this game and was feeling like SoD was bringing back some of the old school blizzard passion but things like this just make me lose more and more interest.
Make the trinket unique sure who cares but there are private servers who implement hotfixes better than just deleting an item without a refund. I’m sure theyd think of a fix for this silly HK issue too, especially given that their communication on the matter was what misled someone like OP.

But sorry for your loss man, can only imagine how hard it would be to care about logging in after being screwed out of that much honor thanks to terrible communication from the devs and then being told you’re the problem.

Not my problem. I’m rank 6 100% from PVPing.

And this thread isn’t about you, not sure what your point is. Blizzard made a pretty big oopsie here and I think it’s reasonable to expect a fix for it.

A rank 6 clown.

These are “known” things in Classic though. You have to have 15 HKs minimum to be eligible for the next rank. Even Ranker says this. Not knowing how things work isn’t really an excuse for something like this and pointing the blame at Blizzard is kind of silly since just because it wasn’t stated, even if you had a million honor in a week, but only 14 HKs, you’d get nothing.

This one is on blizzard.

Failed to communicate completely in a version of a game where there is no base standard. It’s SoD so how does a player know what is required unless explicitly told so.

Does one just guess what blizzard carries over from vanilla and what is magically different?

OP should rightfully get it fixed by blizzard. A free month of game time too

It’s literally the same system from 2005. They’ve even tweaked it to not only make it easier to gain ranks, but to also not lose your rank. There have been plenty of posts on this and there are fan sites that delve deeper into the grinds of each.

This is a player error.


You always have to get 15 HKs to get on the board to and earn RP. This is not new. Just sucks you did all that without understanding ranking. Time to go agane

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I saw tons of comment week 1 that reminded ppl to get their 15hks

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What is crazier is just standing outside of Mara or doing an incursion will net you like 100 HKs. I guess sitting in town clicking those commendations and logging of for the week really took it out of them.

you can get 15 HKs in a second with a single void zone w.e that thing is called priests have now lol

Im not on a pvp server

Real question is whether PvE server players deserve to rank at all… My answer is prob not.

I didn’t play original classic or vanilla, how on earth would I know that?

Trial and error. Sounds like it worked!

Is there some reason you’re here just to repeatedly try to blame those of us who followed blizzard’s instructions instead of blaming blizzard for giving incomplete instructions?

Because they didnt give “instructions” they gave clarifications that tokens can be used the week prior to 50 coming out because everyone was asking.