Bloodstained Commendations Going Away in Phase 3

Yes there is quite a few people.

Hello, I saved hundreds of silver blood coins to purchase these commendations and have only now found they are unavailable. A simple forum post hidden away here isn’t enough notice and now I’ve lost several weeks of my life away from my friends, family and business for absolutely no reward. I’m minutes away from quitting the game entirely if this can not be resolved.

they mentioned it many times before it was removed. i understand how difficult it is for mages to get coins and i for one am sorry for your loss.

Never saw it in official patch notes, if anyone could link that’d be great. I play Elemental Shaman as my main I don’t know why my mage is showing here.

I followed this bluepost exactly and did not rank up. I made a post at the link below but the requirement for 15 HKs being omitted from this bluepost screwed not one, but TWO of my characters out of ranking from 5->7 today. Such an oversight is understandable if it’s going to be addressed and handled so that those of us who assumed following Blizzard’s instructions would be sufficient to rank up don’t get screwed out of hours and hours of STV with no recourse.

That said, if nothing is going to be done about this, that’s completely unacceptable. I was so excited for today and this has single-handedly deflated all the excitement I had for SoD.

Furthermore, since the commendations were nerfed by a factor of FOUR (4) with the start of p3, re-doing the grind is no longer a feasible option either.

I am really hoping Blizzard will come through and rectify this for those of us who were affected, but hoping doesn’t actually resolve anything. That ball is in Blizzard’s court now.

Full post:

All rank progression requires 15 honor kills.

All of it. Every single last iota of it, at every rank threshold. This is announced in the classic era ranking system post as a requirement for all rank progression.

Honor =/= HKs.

It’s a massive loss, and I’m sorry for it… but it is abundantly clear that all honor gain requires 15 non-100%-dr’d HKs with the bucketing system that was changed.

Ranker would have told you this every time you opened your honor screen.

What is the minimum number of honorable kills necessary to earn CP each week? 15 15

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This is the issue though. For those of us who didn’t play classic '19 or vanilla, we would never know this.

I also never installed ranker because I had been using the honor calculator I already linked, which says nothing about it.

It’s not abundantly clear if it says NOWHERE in game and NOWHERE in the bluepost outlining seemingly clear instructions for what to do to rank up with the commendations.

So, no, it’s not abundantly clear. It’s not clear at all.

The company itself directly told you that it is a requirement.

It can’t get much clearer than that.

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They did not in fact tell me that. Where on earth are you even coming up with that?

Bigger issue is the level 50 new ones cost 4 times as much, went from 250 coins to 1 silver for the same 250 honor. Aka 1000 coins

This is one of the affected toons btw, may as well post on it. Other is Psystorm-Wild Growth. Both are 50, both followed every single word of the instructions in the original bluepost at the top of this thread. The fact that blizzard omitted a crucial component (which, again, is also not stated anywhere in game) is something Blizzard should be working to resolve for those of us affected by the oversight within this bluepost.

Omitting a critical component of the requirements imo is a bigger issue but I also do think that the nerf to the cost of commendations by 4x was completely unnecessary and unreasonable.

lucky i knew to get 15 hk’s

i also got level 44 before using the tokens just to be safe. hit 50 before the reset anyway

logged on today with rank 7

You guys are dumb.

The game mode you’re playing on is Classic Era. The PvP progression system is Classic Era. The server clusters are hosted on Classic Era API. The game is running 1.15 WoW - which is Classic Era.

Everything about SoD is hosted, run on, operated by, and functions via classic era.

The PvP system in classic era, created by blizzard, has been clearly depicted via blue post on multiple different websites - and repeatedly explain - the requirements for progression in those environments. Up to, and including the rank % requirement breakpoints per bucket and progression totals.

The random google script you found is out of date.

I don’t know how much clearer “This is 1.15 WoW. This is how ranking works in 1.15 WoW. These are the requirements to rank in 1.15 WoW.” from the literal company itself - not even a third party - can be for you.

Again, I’m really sorry you got shafted. A buddy of mine in Classic Era grinded 500k in sands then killed friends for 15 total HKs before reset. 4 of those kills were 100% DR’d, and didn’t count - leaving them at 11 HKs and 500k sand grinded… Roughly 100 hours of work wasted in a single week, on their R14 progression grind.

They received absolutely nothing from Blizzard after ticketing it - and they actually had an argument saying they’d obtained the required 15 HKs, but Blizzard only counted 4 of them.

The company told you 15 honor honor kills are required for any/all rank progression.


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Why are you so invested in proving something that’s blatantly false?

It is NOWHERE in game.

It was OMITTED from the bluepost.

The honor calculator is not a “random google script” nor is it “out of date” - it is being actively updated for SoD specifically and was updated just a couple weeks ago. It’s also the honor calculator everyone I know who played original Classic used during Classic.

Furthermore, the bluepost in question is THIS ONE. We are talking about THIS bluepost that we are commenting on. Blizzard saying that it’s required in some bluepost during original classic is completely irrelevant and just shows you are willfully ignoring my point, which is that I did not play original classic and thus had no way to know about that requirement - it’s neither in game nor in this bluepost

It’s in the blue post about 1.15 WoW. You know, the one SoD is based on.

Which you log in to. Every time you open battlenet, and click play. (You can see version under the play button) - just because you’re ignorant of the game version and never bothered to look up the rules doesn’t mean it’s wrong. It’s inherently correct - the PvP system for 1.15 requires 15 honor kills to progress. This is 100% transparent by Blizzard at all times.

Everyone who plays classic knows the github script was outdated when buckets got added, and uses Ranker.

nobody cares you didn’t play classic wow. the game is built on 1.15 patch, which you should be aware of considering that it’s in the advertisement for SoD. Meaning, all 1.15 rules apply to the game.

Ignorance of fact is not absence of fact. The company told you the requirements, you didn’t bother to look it up. That’s on you, not them.

Why restrict honor from those who didn’t prep for the following phase?

Sure you can still get honor at a rate of 1/4 what you could just one week ago.

Is this your way of forcing people to spend an unsightly amount of time in battlegrounds?

Lol, SOD devs are clueless.

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I’m sorry but this is such a bad faith argument and you (and the rest of us) know it.

You are also completely missing the point.

Saying it’s buried somewhere obscure is completely unhelpful.

It should be IN-GAME and it should ALSO have been IN THE BLUEPOST.

Not hard to understand.