Feral Nerf

Aoe nerfing Tear open wounds is the good call. This will put us in a good stop and take us out of the OP spot light. Thanks for listening blizzard


Tear is like 5% of Feral’s overall…lol


That’s exactly what I wanted a small nerf to just push us into not OP area. I’m just glad we didn’t get gutted which blizzard is famous for

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This isn’t even a nerf, it’s an aoe cap on the direct damage of primal wrath’s additional effect.

So…. This?….

Remains unchanged.

Not that 100k was a lot.


Lol your back bro hahaha. Sad guy. Put me on ignore and move on please :slight_smile:

No way…. This is too stupid to ignore.


Called it.

Although…. the damage wasn’t even nerfed.
Just reduced after 5

So, again…. This…

Completely unaffected.


It’s great that you are still happy with the class. Guess what after this nerf I’m also happy :slight_smile: now we can move on. I got what I wanted (a small nerf) now we are good to go

Not sure what you have to be happy about.

You don’t run m+ at any level worth mentioning and you don’t have a Druid.

This isn’t a nerf.


Reduced damage dealt past 5 targets is a nerf. You should look up what a nerf is hahaha .

Keep thinking what ur thinking :slight_smile: I’m happy with the changes

It’s status quo.

Likely an oversight.

The direct damage of primal wrath was previously very underwhelming, which is why is likely flew under the radar. Now that it isn’t, a cap has been placed. Just like most aoe spells currently have. The same treatment was already given to Rampant Ferocity. Makes sense to me.

Your lack of experience saw this hotfix and instantly thought “ Omg a nerf!!! “ ….And yet it still doesn’t affect what originally had you up in arms.

Not a nerf.

I’m happy with the changes

yeah…it goes from doing 5% to 4.9%

All is right with the world again!


Hardly a nerf. I mean in the grand scheme it will be marginally less ‘overall’ but considering

A) the frequency of 5+ pulls
B) tear open wounds wasn’t a huge portion of our damage anyway.
C) other big aoe classes got the same treatment

It won’t be noticeable.


yup. nerf is a nerf. Hopefully we dont get nerfed anymore as we are not OP but in a good spot. Feral feels amazing to play

Why did you make the other thread then?


Almost everyone’s AoE was nerfed back to reduced past 5 target cap. It was hardly a Feral nerf, and an AoE nerf in general.

So when you think about it, the relative difference is the same compared to most classes.


The other thread was asking for a nerf and this is about said nerf

Only problem is….

1- blizzard doesn’t read these forums. Your post and this change are not related in any way.
2 - an aoe cap on direct damage attacks placed across all specs isn’t a nerf to one specific class. If anything, feral still has the advantage, since primal wrath still spreads rip to all targets.
3 - your clam in that ferals damage is too high on 5 packs remains unchanged.
4 - you’re still a coward


Only problem is.

  • yea they do read it
    -they didn’t do it to all classes, learn to read
  • true
  • wrong again. Being wrong is something ur really good at

They truly don’t.

You think a blizzard dev gives a damn about the opinion of below average mage who can’t even get ksm?

Oh, honey……

Because those classes already have a aoe target cap in place. No action Required.

Feel free to highlight a dps class that isn’t affected by an aoe cap.

I’ll wait.

Remains unchanged.


U seem very upset I got what I wanted lol.
So sad man. I hope you find something that gives you happiness.

Remains unchanged.

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