Feral Druid Nerf when?

lol… right

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lol, fukin rekt


Lots of specs hit 100k on 5+ targets in beta.


Another person lying to try to argue a point. There’s a 0% chance you would have posted on an alt if this was true. (Feel free to prove me wrong.)

Edit: I just had to highlight that the all caps “LOL” makes your lie even cringier. Big oof on your part.

You claim to play a Druid, but your language heavily infers the opposite.

Even though this is for sure a troll, this is cringe beyond measure. Unless “winning” an online argument about world of Warcraft is the highpoint of your day, in which case I feel sorry for you.

Move along troll.


Even if Feral is overtuned, it’s thankfully easy to fix with a global aura since our damage distribution is arguably exactly where it should be.


Yeah, at best we might see a future post saying “x reduced by 2%” and little Timmy here will be like “i ToLd yOu sO”




Read it again its aimed at him with sarcasm, Im asking him if he is rank 1

Still waiting on that druid…

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The horror.


Ohh, I get it, this is your only character so you think that’s how everyone plays. Cool, cool. It’s not but I admire the dedication all the same.

lol what??

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Feral isn’t doing as amazing as everyone thinks on the Beta. Lots of classes are on par if not better than feral, eg WW, DH, demo, to name a few, even enhance is still pumping too. Feral is perceived to be good simply because everyone isn’t used to seeing feral top the metres in some fights. Plus on the beta you have some of the best feral players in the world like psybearslat, guiltyas, maystine etc and pushing it to the upmost limits which can make any class look good.

Feral is fine.


No class should ever be top in every spec.

I mean… Youre not wrong, but… by comparison. whos playing the other classes? elmo?

All things are relative.

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Just ignore the mage, obviously they’re a troll, hence the refusing to post on their supposed druid alt.
Feral is fine, people just need to get used to seeing them put numbers on the meters again that’s all.


So keeping this post…

Right now, even on Beta, if you are testing on the 70 server, its almost hot garbage now. M+ runs are iffy when they happen so it can be tough to get some good consistent testing. In addition to that with the tier testing vendors, and the crafting vendors, people are just over gearing what content there is. people in 400ilvl running heroics? stuff dies too fast. So if he’s basing his call for nerfs based on beta 70 premade server…ugg.

The only thing you can really test at this point on that beta server is for bugs and interaction of talents and sets.

I think feral is in a good place overall.


Good thing druids aren’t. If Feral is top spec, its the only one of the four.


You’ve made posts in general trying to get this to happen

You posted in beta forums trying to act like you were a druid

And now you post here.

You are the only person I see complaining about feral so it’s become pretty clear that:

  1. You aren’t a feral player
  2. You have some vendetta against feral

It’s time to stop. I don’t know where the kitty touched you but this is old


You like being wrong a lot don’t you.

Feral finally has a reason for me to play it again. It has been near the bottom for so very many years. If it is true that it is not truly more powerful than a lot of others then I certainly hope it doesn’t get any nerf. How long have some other specs sat near the top time and after time.