Feral Nerf

A nerf is a nerf and I’m happy buddy

Because you don’t understand what it means.

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Lol please bro move on. you are happy i am happy with the changes i dont see why ur still arguing. you need help man

You’re not happy

You made a qq post about feral aoe.

Then you made a post boasting about a non existent nerf over a decision that affects all classes, all in an attempt to rub it in our faces.

That’s the actions of a sad, pathetic little

I’m taking great pleasure watching you fail.

The damage of our abilities hasnt been touched. In fact the lastest changes were a buff.

This new hot fix is simply keeping with the status quo and making our spells adhere to the same rules every dps class has to adhere to. Fair treatment.

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HAHAHAH holy moly you are so sad. Im perfectly happy with the changes thank you

Im not sure why….

They don’t affect what you were originally upset about.

Remains unchanged.

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Any nerf is a nerf, If they nerfed ST it would be okay. its okay if our Aoe is strong and ST is okayish. They can let us do that dmg on 5 pack as long as on bigger pulls its less.

Our damage remains untouched.

our aoe damage remains untouched.

So… just like every other class that are also subject to aoe caps?
They didnt teach you about common denominators in school yet?

Not a nerf, just an oversight.

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not all classes got aoe nerfed the ones that were over performing did. Our Aoe has definitely gone down by some percentage.

I didnt say that. I said they have caps. some old, some new.

How much?

Enlighten us with your big brain knowledge.

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a nerf is a nerf man. The game is better for it. Im happy. you seem to be not affected by it. its a win for both

An aoe cap is a nerf on all classes, Not feral alone.
Our damage remains untouched.

How much?

not “ALL” classes got nerfed by this.

The nerf depends on how many mobs are pulled and will differ per mob from there. it will also depend on how much the ability is part of your overall. this will vary person to person

All specs are affected by aoe caps.

depends on how many mobs are pulled

So… As little as 0 then?
Cool. Some nerf.
/eye roll

and will differ per mob from there.

…and then its decreased?
Same as swipe.
Same as Brutal slash.
Same as Rampant ferocity.
Same as thrash.
Same as primal wrath.

Hmmm, I see a pattern here.

it will also depend on how much the ability is part of your overall.

So… very little then?


In other words, you dont have a damn clue.
But you’re here celebrating none the less.

Id be shocked if you were even capable of telling us how much the reduced damage is.

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Like watching and endless game of ping pong. I’ll settle this once and for all. My dad can beat up your dad even after the nerf so there.

The problem here is that the OP is not a community leader, not necessarily respected, or even on record as being very accomplished. I think one of tical’s points is valid for sure. No one really cares what you think or are even overly impressed by it. Coming into a Druid forum calling for a nerf, then patting yourself on the back when you interpret we got one is a waste of a keyboard.

Want credit? Share exact thoughts on what needs to be changed with some expert theory crafting, see that enacted, then stand up with pride and be counted.

In this case, that most definitely didn’t happen.


nerf is a nerf bro. its okay to be upset once in a while.

this does not have an aoe cap like the other abilities. Learn to read tooltips

By “out of the OP slot” you mean we were already losing to Monk and DH on AoE and now we’re also losing to Enhance Shaman and Fury Warrior. We went from 3rd best M+ melee to 2nd to last.

This is a very small nerf at best, but I wouldn’t say Feral was ever in the “OP” spotlight to begin with. I’d be looking more at havoc DH, but they already got their nerf so I guess its justifiable.

Lol your inexperience is showing again.

Primal wrath is soft capped at 20

Primal wrath has a completely different cap from the others you mentioned. Ur the one who is inexperienced