Feral Druid Nerf when?


You are no druid.

Be gone from this place.


Brace yourself its coming.

Why, cause you know something blizzard doesnt?

Give me a break kid.


Resorting to calling me a kid is not going to stop the nerf from coming. If you have played feral before you should realize the moment feral is seen in top of the meters the QQ on forums will come and we will get pushed down to F tier. So i would rather them tune us to a B tier class.

But these are the words of a child.


Be gone with you.

I would rather you found yourself a toy.
Quit playin on the druid forums.


It needs a nerf, 100k on a 5 pack is dumb, ask anyone in the feral discord. we need a nerf.

So you’re saying 100k on a 5 pack isnt obtainable by any other class?

Be quite child, your inexperience is showing.


Whats ur experience? Rank 1 feral LOL sit down kid.

Rank? oh chirst… is this another pvp sob fest?

Get wrecked kid, the druids are comin for ya!


im playing druid… jesus the iq of the people on this forum

No true druid would come to this forum and ask for a nerf.
Youre nothing more than a fool.


Dont blame me when you get nerf batted to F tier.

I wont think of you at all.


Ill be here to reply to you and say " I told you so"

No… you wont.

I bet youll make another qq post in your near future though!


I love saying i told you so. I have a excel sheet for it to remind me

Thats the saddest thing I have ever read.

look at him typing away.
This kid so desperately wants the last word!
Im gonna let him have it. he really needs it.



It was a joke. Clearly you have trouble reading in-between the lines. Let me educate you on our past performance

Out of 24 possible Dps specs in the last 6 seasons ( BFA and SL ) we have been rank

19 21 21 22 24 13. This is the lowest average (20.0) out of all the dps specs in the compared to Outlaw rogue which is sitting at (3.57). See the picture? You think Blizzard doesn’t have a favourite class?

This is past performance of Feral Druid for BFA and SL. We have been the bottom. Whenever we perform well there is QQ on the forums and we go from S tier to being F tier. Are you following my logic here?

All im asking for is to be pushed down to slightly above average so we dont get Over nerfed like we always do.

I dont know what level keys you do or what level you raid at. but if you ever try doing a 20+ as a Feral it is really hard to get into a group. Community perception matters.

If you are a feral main i can understand you not wanting to be nerfed. You need to look at our past. Whenever we have been top of the pack the community isnt happy about it.

I really want feral to be good, you do too. Be realistic we will never be left in the top 5 specs. whenever they nerf Fdruid its always to the ground. The only attention we get from blizzard is always a nerf never a buff look at the amount of posts other classes have gotten and compare them to feral.


You said the key word “beta”… Our damage will drastically drop without SL borrowed powers.

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There are no SL borrowed powers in Beta. In M+ Feral Druids are doing extremely well. With Enhance and WW being nerfed, Feral and Havoc are in nerf radar. Im hoping they dont nerf us to the ground.