Feign Death + Trap Bug

Are there any other people having issues with Feign Death + Trap combination?

I’ve tried it with and without macros all over other forum but it appears that the feign death ability is keeping me in combat so i cannot trap after it even with pet on passive/follow/stay etc … i’ve tested it 20x in duels… cant quite get it to work

thoughts ideas?


If you pet is in combat you cannot feign out of combat as you get instantly pulsed back into combat. This also means no feign -> eat either. Doesnt matter if a mob or player isn’t attacking your pet, or if your pet isnt attacking anything. If at any point your pet was in combat you can’t drop combat with feign.


Bug still happens even if you have /petpassive /petfollow in the macros. I can clearly see I’m out of combat as the SCT shows it and I can drink immediately, but for whatever reason I can’t trap despite the ability lighting up showing it’s available for use.


Confirmed, I can’t get my macros to work either. Feign death is refusing to drop combat at all.


well this sucks… blizzard fix ?


It’s incredibly easy to break the animation and stay in combat, if you’re even holding right click it wont go off. Now in PvE when I use it I take my hands off of my mouse/kb except the 1 button but even then sometimes it still wont work, I’m guessing due to being hit, for PvP however it’s much worse. In vanilla I don’t recall needing to practice special tech just to have a shot at getting FD/trap in PvP but today I’m at a 90% failure rate on getting the trap.

Edit: and I’m using a proper macro that puts pet on passive.


Can confirm this. Any sort of movement seems to cause unexpected results with Feign Death. No resists present, mobs will continue hitting, never detarget and keep the hunter in combat.

In pvp additionally, player attacks often carry through after using Feign Death instead of canceling attacks and deselecting target.

As well as the above issue, there seems to be a substantial delay between casting Feign Death and being able to use a trap.


What’s up with this? FD seems so buggy , I can’t FD trap very well in pve and it’s 10x worse in PvP. I played hunter on private servers before , this combo isn’t anywhere close to as buggy and broken as on classic rite now. Blizzard fix this garbage, I’m getting wrecked by trash players that belong in little blue cubes


I’m having all the same problems you guys are describing. Blizzard please fix this! Without feign death/trap working properly hunters are useless


Feign Death doesn’t take you out of combat from what I’ve heard

It seems to have a small delay when casting…IF it even casts


The problem isn’t with feign death, it’s with the pet delay. See this post:

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idc im going to blame the 200ms batching


If it is the pet does anyone know of a way to make a macro so feign death has 2 conditions: in combat and pet being on passive, before feign death is cast? That way we can test it out and see if that is the problem?

Feign works about 50% of the time, it doesnt work even when it doesnt say resisted. Please fix this garbage.


Did some testing, if you hold RIGHT MOUSE when you cast feign death and move at all it stands you back up or puts you on feign cooldown and does not feign you.


Drakke, that is because its almost impossible to keep your character from moving if you are holding down the right mouse button. Feign death is reliant on your character standing still. As soon as you move, it’s cancelled.

Yeah, it’s not supposed to function this way in classic at all. This is the scuffed post Legion version of the ability that they still haven’t fixed almost four years later. You didn’t need to stop moving, hit the button, and wait a full GCD for the ability to work properly vanilla-MoP.


Even if i pull my hand back and let go of my mouse entirely feign death simply goes on cooldown when I press it. No resist, just cooldown. Are you guys telling me that your feign death works consistently when playing? I only played a hunter in vanilla and have never seen it fail so much.

Well, lets hope they fix the FD/trap combo cuz i look pretty stupid atm in world pvp. Any melee can rekt me

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brainstorming something of a conditional macro, cant test it atm cuz of 8000+ queue. but maybe something like

/cast [combat, petfollow] Feign Death; Freezing Trap

first casts pet follow then only activates if combat and pet following… from what im understanding theres a delay between pet follow cast and when the game actually regs it as following so maybe if the macros activation requires that as a condition it would work? not entirely sure if it’s even written in the proper format, not sure if petfollow even qualifies as a possible condition for a macro