Feedback: Epic Battlegrounds

If they truly believe in “play nice, play fair”, they will put a stop to this Alliance cheating. If not? They will lose a lot of credibility.


Blizzard still have any credibility when it comes to BG design, balance, and Q&A?

Their credibility already has worse issues atm, what with tone-deaf Blizzcon reveals, luke-warm reception to content, and most importantly all that news about the behind the scenes stuff (and all the implications it brings).

But still, making a boss immune to glaives should be an easy fix. Come on Blizz, put the candy canes and Budweisers down for a minute and shift a decimal place.

Phalanx, Ythisens any updates, or new features we can look forward to for Epic Battlegrounds? Best content in the game in my opinion.

They need a lot of updates though. Things like, pathing, disconnecting when clicking on a vehicle to get inside, etc…

  • Side-request: maybe rework how players can summon NPCs in AV, etc…? Np, if not.
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They recently retooled the way Ivus and the Frost Lord work, I’ve been in a few games where they were super useful (and awesome to see again).

I do think IoC needs way more work right now.:

  • The camera glitch that happens when you man a Siege Engine’s secondary cannon, but then exit or the vehicle is destroyed. If you’ve seen the “glider kit camera bug” it’s similar if not the same bug. (fix that too please)
  • Glaives still killing the horde boss in 3 seconds
  • Better balance between demos and rampart cannons so one player can’t lock down the entire wall defense
  • Equalizing the distance to the Hangar flag

Those the first things off the top of my head when it comes to Epic BG issues.

Happy New Year everyone!

Just wanted to pop in here to give everyone a heads up to some fixes to Isle of Conquest which we’re deploying momentarily. This is mainly to fix the issue where players can deal significant damage to the Generals with the Glaive Thrower, but we also wanted to throw in some other tuning changes while we were at it.

• Fixed a bug where the Generals were taking too much damage from the Glaive Thrower’s “Blade Salvo” ability.
• The General’s “Dagger Throw” ability will now be a bit less lethal.
• The Generals will no longer reset their health to full when leashed.
• Repairing a Keep Cannon can no longer be interrupted from damage.
• Glaive Throwers health increased by 30%, and their damage done to players has been increased.

Thanks for your continued discussion and feedback, and we’re glad everyone is enjoying Epic Battlegrounds! We look forward to everyone being able to experience the return of Wintergrasp soon, as well as some other Epic Battleground surprises as we progress through Battle for Azeroth.

Thank You!


Oh boy just what the game needs, more insignificant changes instead of balance, tuning, and design fixes for classes!

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I wouldn’t consider a change insignificant just because this particular post is not the change you wanted to see. There are a fair amount of players impacted by Siege vehicles not being fixed entirely the first time in addition to the other complaints you can read about throughout these forums. Any QoL update is a welcome update in my opinion.

Class tuning, changes, and design discussion or patch notes probably wouldn’t be posted in the Battleground forums anyway.


You might not care about these changes but I find them great, IoC has had some problems and these where needed. Don’t get me wrong I find class balance more important but I don’t think the same people work on both.


Yes!!! Finally :pray::grin:


The fix to the exploite where the glaves could kill the Horde boss is not a small thing to me.

Balance, tuning, and design fixes for classes would all be wonderful, as would many other things that are not the subject of this (Epic Battlegrounds feedback) thread.

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Check the title of this thread.

Fixing siege damage on bosses isn’t insignificant.

We’re sorry you’ll have to actually try to win now.


Stupid post.

All good changes and an interesting change to the generals not resetting to full. I understand the rationale but have had many games where the only reason we’ve won is because we’ve wiped the enemy team which meant they had to start fresh.

Will see how it plays out. I still think they should be immune to taunts (a lot of the resets that aren’t intentional I see are pets that then go to attack a player, causing the boss to follow) but we’ll see.

Thanks for the update!

All good changes, but this one made me very happy :smile:


Dear god! These are all WONDERFUL changes!

I do hope we can see more of these in the future, personally, I have to ask Ythisens, if we could see a new feature of locking people out of Siege vehicles in BG’s that attempt to jump in and AFK.

When inside a siege vehicle, no player can target the person who is AFK, and no form of flagging can occur since they are inside the siege vehicle.


This makes me happy :slight_smile:

Dude IoC was broken as hell. These are huge and great changes for the enjoyment of a lot of people.

Every IoC game either has someone cheating with a glaive on the general, someone resets the boss, or I get oneshot by a dagger throw for no reason. This is great news.


The rewards are not good enough, the time they take makes myself and friends double take on thinking about joining one.

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Just now:
“Overlord Agmar Dagger Throw damaged You 152,080 Physical damage”
“[You died.]”


How will the current Wintergrasp achievements be affected by this? Should people hurry up and get them now, or will progress be rolled over into the battleground?