Fatal flaw

Your absolutely right I do remember that, it happened around 1.12. Very good.

I have forgotten more about actual Vanilla than you ever knew.

Just a month ago you were rattling on about how you know for a fact that all the boss mechanics and classes are identical to vanilla on your private servers.

I know for a fact that’s literally impossible.

Your private servers are dandy, but they’re not an acceptable representation of actual vanilla.

They’re 99% accurate, which is close enough. You wouldn’t know for a fact because you’ve neither raided on private servers nor very far (if at all) back when it was new content.

Like the deserter debuff? lol.

lolololol the truth comes out Ironside is just spewing his make belief knowledge on private servers. Exactly what I originally said. Your talking about private servers you can’t zerg AV but you can in private servers. Do yourself a favour and go msg the dev of any of these private servers and ask him if he thinks his server is 99% accurate. He’s gonna tell you they have to make up a lot of things because they don’t know the values. Such has how armor works/debuffs with bosses, theres a diminishing value that is not applied on a private server resulting in bosses being much easier than the original experience (1 example).

Raided into (did not clear) naxxramas.

I have never raided a private server nor am I interested, nor will I because corruption and inaccurate mechanics + missing mechanics and broken private server calculations with guessed vales hardly makes for a 99% repeatability.

Private servers are nice, but they’re just a nice stroll down our aged memory lane.

I have admitted numerous times that I have remembered things flat wrong. It’s been 13+ years and numerous changes and updates took place over Vanilla. Worse TBC class mechanics while different tend to blend in when I remember things.

The private server devs have clearly had the same problem I have when recalling things from 10+ years ago.

There is no way imaginable to get them right, hell I am impressed they’re as playable as they are, but there is no need to exaggerate and make the ridiculous claim that they’re 99% accurate…

You’re fully capable of screwing over the initial push for horde/alliance with a few frost mages/hunters at the appropriate chokepoints in 1.12 AV. Put 10 people on D and you can shut it down completely. The reason why people don’t? They get flamed by their own team mates for dragging the game on. They want their rep farms done. They want more honor/hour. Etc

I linked it again so you can reread it. It looks like you didn’t understand the first time so I trimmed it down so you have a chance at it the 2nd go around.

You know nothing about how armor works. Unfortunately for you, I do. And the devs of modern servers do, nowadays.

It’s a bit lengthy, but it shows you the process of how armor is calculated on bosses.

When it comes to raiding and pvp content, it’s not so ridiculous. Leveling and dungeons 1-59, maybe not. It’s well over 90% accurate though, dynamic respawns notwithstanding

Ironside stop talking your embarrassing yourself your trying so desperately too feel intelligent but your talking very unintelligently. Im sorry your life isn’t working out for you but please stop trolling my thread, this is boring. Everyone here knows your only knowledge from Vanilla WoW comes from that on a private server. And the private servers are 1.12 and no one plays AV on them because its trash, and yes you can rush to the boss on the private servers relatively easily. not in 1.5 bud. Stop posting this stuff, all it’s making you do is look like a fool.

90% is way more reasonable, but still 10% is massive man.

I’m not saying that the private servers are a bad thing, I think they’re awesome, but they’re also no joke a decade of work that’s culminated in what they are now.

It’s all very impressive, make no mistake about that!

Thing is were getting actual Vanilla again, that’s awesome, but private server experience can only be loosly applied because even a small change in class mechanics and or PvE vales can cause a massive difference in actual outcome.

Sometimes it’s the small subtleties that cause the biggest problem.

Eh, I don’t really care much for the 1-59 aspect so the 10% is lost to me.

The subtleties are what I’m looking forward to. Never could find evidence of how black lotus properly spawned, and after how long it took for me to document that arcane crystals shouldnt spawn out of small thorium veins I’m not really looking to invest another week or two typing in random archives.

It’s wasted effort, save your sanity and just enjoy the real thing. =)

I think the private servers actually have a use still after Classic goes live.

It’s a litmus test for what direction to go next.

Is TBC worthy of its own “classic” version as well?

I honestly don’t care what version of AV we get. There’s pro’s and con’s to both versions so I’m undecided on which I would prefer long term.

I’m more concerned about 1.12 talents in the staggered content launch we’re getting.

name 1 pro for AV 1.12 from the consumer point of view that pertains to fun.

Literally nobody, except some people!

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Some people want a 40 man pvp BG that is over in less than 2 hours.

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I can defend in 1.12 AV and cause a turtle which infuriates other players, giving me immense satisfaction and fun.

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Players who like to leech contribution points prefer 1.12 because it forces a raid group.

Players who like the ability to farm the same players for points longer (also leeches) because of the 10% DR to HK’s. Before 1.12 it was 25% and no forced raid group.

Players who want fast wins with less effort or coordination like 1.12.

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That’s not really a pro, what your proposing is a completely new BG. Unless if your okay with the BG just not being fun at all and being a rep grind that’s really boring and no one wants to do. Like who wants to run to the end of the map as fast as they can and zerg a boss and face roll it. Lets fine out who can do it slightly faster? its like really really bad design.

Which is what tons of people ignore when they claim that 1.5 AV can’t be zerged. Harder to zerg? Obviously. Impossible to zerg? Highly, highly unlikely.

The best argument for the more complete version of AV is just that, full-stop. Blizzard said they wanted to use 1.12 because it’s the most complete version of Classic. Well, earlier AV is the most complete version of AV.

This AV fiasco is where it would be amazing for Blizzard to open dialogue with us. Respond to some of our posts, ask questions; etc.


Blizzard needs to understand that 1.12 AV vs 1.5 AV is a game breaker for some but 1.5 AV vs 1.12 AV is a game breaker to none.

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Blizzard obviously changed it so quickly because it wasn’t working. Why do you think that is?