EU Forums are apparently melting down

no no no your English is fine. . Thanks for bringing us a report from the front lines.

I hope things get sorted for you all.

Your sentence about pservers made me wince… That will not end well for them after classic is out and the IP is very much secure with no mistake.

Let’s hope they work it out…

And welcome to the forums. . Do mind your step, it can be a bit messy at times.


Your traffic here is amazing. I created a thread and it is nearly at the bottom of the page:



Yea . . I am afraid we talk. . a lot!! hehe

This decision is honestly baffling. It in no way makes sense but it seems clear as day how it will screw up the community.


It’s very easy to understand. It’s a crystal clear indication that they don’t expect classic to retain very many players, too few to support native language servers.


Do you think they did some market research in the EU? Never… They underestimate the Hype


No. You have no idea what kind of a chaos it’s going to be and I for one have zero desire to be part of it.

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Me neither :(.

Can I emigrate? 34, British, MA level education.


I’d seriously rather play a US OC account even though I’d be 8 hours ahead of the day/night cycle, which normally would be immersion breaking for me, but now I’m thinking it might have to happen.

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Mon crayon es jaune

Assuming this is about racism and prejudice is looking at the issue with US coloured glasses. Europe has a complex relationship and this is about practicality, communication and community, not blind hatred for anyone who doesn’t speak our particular language.

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No I’m EU as well and in the pits of despair. I’m just posting here because Blizz obviously doesn’t give a hoot about the EU players or forums.

I played on an Oceanic server up to Cata when i quit and I was actually looking forward to being with my fellow Europeans this time. Not like this. Not like this…


What’s a jimmy in this context? Where I’m from jimmies are just local slang for ice cream sprinkles. So your sentence is a bit odd to me. :laughing:

Well, to be fair, that is because we are in the US. A lot here don’t even understand the depths of racism and language barrier in our own country let alone understand that other countries have other problems.

For example, if I tell someone from the east coast that I live in California, one of the first things they ask is how close I live to the ocean. . Nowhere… 5 to 10-hour drive. . hehe

Well they can’t do that because only 3 servers would be one PvE, one PvP, and one RP.

Question, is the outcry over no RPPVP server announcement as big over there as here? I mean, before this punch in the gut that is.

I’m with you. Made a US account mainly so that I could roll on an OC server and have zones to myself because all of the OC players are in bed when I play and I get to hunt rares with no competition and so that I could post here, because NA forums always get far more blue attention.

I hate pvp servers but I would honestly rather roll on that if it meant fixing this blunder. I was planning on an RP server so I was expecting a bit of a melting pot, but this is going to be worse on every other server. It’s going to destroy any sense of community for the vast majority of EU players.

Then there’s several servers you’ve never been grouped with because there are Brazilian and I think Spanish speaking servers that we get matched with in LFG. I’ve definitely been grouped with people who didn’t speak a word of English and it’s even worse when you’re the only one in the group who does.

Except ESO is a very different game where you don’t have to interact with people outside your guild much if at all. Terrible comparison.

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Sickle and hammer to arms for the west Russians comrades.

USSR will one day be united :hammer_and_pick:.