EU Forums are apparently melting down

My twitter feed for #classicwow is going insane right now with eu news and tweets. Something about language. . pfft

We have a handful of repeat topics at this point.

Does that mean we win?

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Eh, it’s probably harder for us to understand this problem, Since NA doesn’t really have a national langue or anything and i’m pretty sure we’ve all heard some one speak like 3 different ones at least once. I mean in my state we got like, a ton of Asian’s Spanish and slav’s depending on where you go.

Win what?

It’s a meltdown with good reason. I was bummed with AV, nerfed content and the lack of unarmoured mounts, but this is rapidly approaching “unplayable”. They are seriously underestimating how dysfunctional the Eurpean family is.


What’s going on?


Pizza I hope!!


A famous man once said “Can’t we all just get along?”


Check out this -


Dang it Tilinkedd!! You made me laugh!!


This is just more evidence of Blizzards assumption that Classic populations will contract mightily after launch and their desire to promote healthy populations.

They’re doing this to constrain the number of launch realms to avoid the Dead Realm issues in the future.

Simply, they don’t think that national realms will be large enough to support a healthy population in the long term.


TLDR: all of EU but the Comrades at RU are going to be into a English speaking server.


Blizzard in their infinite wisdom decided that the EU doesn’t need language-specific servers which means every server will be a clusterfudge of people yelling at each other in their own language and either refusing or being unable to speak English.

Following that servers will be unofficially designated as the spannish/french/german server, et cetera, which means anyone who rolled on those servers and doesn’t speak those languages are now stuck in a place where 90% of the populace doesn’t speak their language. But at least Blizz can cash in on the server transfers.

Community! That’s what Classic is all about.


basically EU Servers

I am actually looking forward to Preaches video on this. . I <3 Preach man!


I wish he would, that would be one good thing to come out of this disaster.

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You guys would not be having this problem right now if you had just accepted British rule. Or even Napoleon or… you know, that guy.


Basically I arrived at the conclusion that at least all major german guilds (which are aprox 800 (forum count) - 2400 (discord count) people - at launch there will be way more) will coordinate to go to one PvE and one PvP server. I just feel bad for the internationals who will try to play there and the only answers in chat will be “Dies ist ein deutscher server.”


This seems like the kind of thing you’d want to make language specific servers for, at least designate them officially English, French, etc. even if you do little else.

Each server will unofficially have a primary language if you don’t do that, and it will just hurt people who lose the server lottery and roll on a server that ends up with people largely speaking a language they don’t know.


There’s no european family.

We are different countries with different cultures and histories, and most of all, different languages. Just imagine for a second that NA servers were merged with Russian, Chinese, Korean and French server - that’s just the glimpse of how mixing FR, EN and GER speaking players is a good idea.


I’m willing to bet if Blizz doesn’t reverse course and designate them, the community will do it for Blizzard.

Same thing I expect to see happen with RP-PvP fans. They’ll pick some low pop server Week 2 and designate it as the “RP-PvP realm” and all roll there.


Well that honestly isn’t to bad, because… Well, it’s sorta how some of our states are. They normally just learn enough English to get by and we are all friends.

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