EU Forums are apparently melting down

We are we just call it California

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You learn 4 languages because you live in a place where you can be in any of several countries within hours or less. And IIRC Switzerland has like 3 languages spoken there doesn’t it? It’s just a necessity for many Europeans to speak languages in school. It doesn’t mean you’re better than us, it just means your lives are different than ours.

It takes me hours just to get halfway across my state. We live in a country that’s about 3,000 miles coast to coast where almost everyone speaks the same language and we have another massive country to the North of us that also speaks that language. That’s basically all of Europe. What need does the average American have for 2 languages let alone 5? None. In fact it’s not at all uncommon to meet people who’ve never left this country.

Probably because people don’t enjoy it when they can’t communicate with their party members…takes the Multiplayer bit out of MMORPG. People are flocking to Classic because they want to be able to chat with people again, form relationships, have a community - things that are missing from BfA where you never talk to anyone, often rarely your own guild. God forbid people desire to be able to communicate with fellow players to form said community.

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I think just due to lag issues.

Yes they did, it’s testing layering.

freaking Ughh. . .

It’s so annoying sometimes.

I hate Mexico for a lot of reasons. Not mexicans as the people or even stereotyping and all but the country (i.e. what comes from their gov’t) itself.

Many people that come through here are honest (to the degree of trying to make a living) good people but then there’s plenty of the bad.

I’ve actually been in a life or death emergency and the nearest group of people near me I sought help from were young and likely illegals who didn’t speak a dime of English and they freaking laughed at me trying to find a quick way to communicate to them.

And yes, I live in Texas.

Oh and I have dealt with cashiers who spoke spanish only. . .

Russians are saved from cross-realm BGs. I just hope it will have online

Oh you poor little enfante terribles! Aus/NZ players have always had to deal with 5 other Asian languages being spoken on their servers. Get over yourselves and join the world team.

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The fun part is when a German will names locations, mobs and item in german (because of the german client) but saying that to a french or english player with a different wow client lol

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Rapidly approaching unplayable is more than a bit over dramatic. :roll_eyes:


Ok. I guess. Aussies had to deal with rolling on American servers for the longest time. I enjoyed playing with Aussies.

See, I just see that as an opportunity to learn other languages in part. Google Translate makes it easy now. Maybe if EU players figured out how to get along in game, they could do it in the real world too! Imagine that!

Of course it doesn’t make sense to have ~30 separate language devided serves but it makes sense to have at least French, German, Russian and Spanish. I don’t mean to force separate them but maybe just kind of unofficial tag after the name of the server.

I as someone from southeastern EU really hope to not end up unknowingly on an unoffical server of some of those countries.

I really would love to know where each of them will be so i can pick the English realm or the server where my fellow countryman will go. I can find my people if I’m interested but otherwise it would be hard to dodge each big non English community.

If they plan to have really small amount of servers a bit of explanation on the reasoning would have made miracles but instead they choose to go with the “we want to give you freedom” stuff and still separate Russians.
They got themselves in this situation where everyone feels neglected and Russians feel discriminated. What were they expecting with a statement that basically say “we won’t separate you but we will separate some of you”.

This is what you get when you treat your customers like idiots. Instead they could have been honest and get into less trouble.

They could have been honest and say: There won’t be enough servers to warrant separation by languages BUT because Russian sub is much cheaper they will be forced on their own servers to prevent subscription price exploits (the way it was initially with Diablo 3 price).


As a French player, who will play in Europe, I am actually extremely happy about this news. I am glad to be mixed up with different players from different countries.

Most of the people in Europe do speak English, and those who can’t should be able to find communities already existing that are planning on rolling on a specific server.
This is honestly good news.


Like I said. I feel the same way. I miss the Aussie influence on my server. Obviously we all speak english. I miss the multiculturalism.

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Think about it this way friend, it’s like not separating LA/BR servers from NA.
Players from LA/BR don’t know which are the “local” servers to go to so end up on random servers where people may not understand them.
Vice-versa NA players who don’t speak Spanish/Portuguese may find themselves on a predominantly LA/BR server and may be unable to understand them.

With the commitment required for levelling in Classic this is a significant issue.
Especially in EU where there are many different regions and dialects, it can make it quite easy to simply “pick the wrong server” simply from lack of foreknowledge.

Personally I think they have a right to be annoyed, all they need it for them to be denoted by region etc similar to live so players know the best choices to make.

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In the eu thread someone posted about finding mankriks wife in German and I understood it just fine and I don’t know any German. Of course, German is relatively easy to understand anyway, so that’s cheating a bit.

Honestly, it doesn’t take much to understand what someone else is saying. English is more complicated to a non native speaker than any romance or Slavic language is to an English speaker.

English is based on German. Surely German people know this?

Modern English is pretty far removed from its origins. There aren’t many people reading Beowulf in original text.

American English has a great deal of Spanish from local influences.

American English is a mish mash. However. American English is a Germanic language, not a romance language (like spanish)


Hence my comment that it’s far removed from being German-heavy in content. In a single sentence, most Americans using the local dialect are speaking 3-4 different languages and they don’t even know it.