EU Forums are apparently melting down

You’re not wrong. Neither am I. American English is a mish mash. It is influenced by Spanish. However, it is Germanic in roots.

Multiculturalism doesn’t work. I hate to say this. I’m from Australia and trust me, we know. :exploding_head:

I support French, German and whatever other language servers. I think it’s healthy because those people are “grouped” together. What I don’t support is Blizzard not supporting and recognizing the fact there are multiple languages and no not everyone wants to whip out Google Translate.

We have this same problem with the Latin America servers (everyone hates Ragnaros and Quel’thalas remember?) because they don’t speak very good English if any at all.

It’ll backfire, it will. The people will “create” their own communities despite what Blizzard is giving them.

And to add why can’t they add one of each language type and once population settles itself in say a few months time then consider doing some changes? Same goes for other regions too. Why do we have to put up with their decisions on launch?

I have an itchy feeling that Blizzard will correct this “mistake” as seen by many and reconsider their choices.


Multiculturalism does work. I get your ire though. People from France and Germany and Poland and the rest of Europe are expected to speak English. They all do not.


It does and it doesn’t, it’s a big issue here in Australia. People come over here from different countries and “claim” places as their own. You literally know that place is a “no go zone” unless you’re from X country or religion.

It’s a bigger problem than most people believe. However I won’t talk anymore about it.

Absolutely, they don’t all speak English. Some people don’t even know English at all.

There should be language based servers for the folks in Europe because not everyone speaks English there.

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People in your country of Aussie don’t know English. It’s weird. It’s weird that the people in charge wouldn’t be cool with people playing in their native langauge. Anyways, I miss you Aussies/Kiwis. I played with you all for years before you got your own servers.

The racists here in the US use the same argument about community for justifying segregation. Imagine if we asked for separate servers for spanish speakers. Obscene.

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We don’t speak English we speak Strayan. :partying_face: haha but no honestly I believe there should be servers for the EU folks in their languages. Silly decision by Blizzard and hopefully they fix it.

Let us hope we get Oceanic servers (not that I don’t think we will, we have the infrastructure here already so) but there could be a possibility that we could be on US servers not that I would mind!

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Miss you, brother. My server was made so much better by being full of Aussies. Being real.

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There are not enough people for that.

In Germany we might have 5000 long time players, if we now split them across 4 servers, we will have empty servers and I tell you, I for sure don´t want xrealm servers like today, just to balance that out.

I prefer international realms that are unique and not linked, over the crap we have today.

Silver Hand was the Aussie RP Realm in Vanilla :slight_smile:

To be clear, we speak better English than Yanks, who’ve decided the dot at the end of the sentence is a ‘period’, not a ‘full stop’, and insist on yanking all the U’s out of words like Honour, Flavour, and Colour.


Proudmooe. It was Proudmore for me. I miss it a lot and the Aussies.


You’re talking about a different issue, and it’s confusing the conversation in order to push your “morally superior opinion”.

Just stop. This is about language barriers.

Ahh, yeah the Aussie PVE server.

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Yup. /10char

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I was on Proudmoore for a little while there too :partying_face:

Not according to linguists. Then again, in the US, “yanks” is an old, perhaps dead term referring to people who live in “northern” states.

Southern styled English carries more of the old English speaking style due to its Germanic and Scot-Irish heritage from immigrant settlers in early American history. So it’s much closer to “true” English than even what people in the UK speak today.

What your complaint is about writing standards, not language. While many that study language believe that standardized writing dictates spoken word, that does not hold true. Every language has local variation and slang, which are all outside the spoken standard, which prefers “business model” or “legal” diction.

You could walk from Charleston, South Carolina and hear one dialect, and stop at the foothills of the Appalachia mountains in the northern end of the state and hear a completely different dialect of English.

And that’s one small US state. The US doesn’t even have a formal language.

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Why can’t someone on the EU forums create an unofficial server list when the servers are announced and get it stickied?

For example:
Server 1 - English
Server 2 - French
Server 3 - German etc…

I realize a lot of players don’t read the forums but word of mouth could/should spread. Anyways it’s just a thought.

The cheapest form of localization is no localization at all.

People keep forgetting that classic, while popular, is a small project in Blizzard’s eyes, or so they keep claiming.

Likely they will make “official supported language” servers eventually. They weren’t available at Vanilla launch either, or so I’ve seen people say.

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Yanks is the generic Australian term for “Anyone from that rogue colony”.

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Australia is also a colony…of rogues.