Eranikus - Transfers

Will Eranikus open up for paid transfers in the near future/prior to launch? I have a few characters I’d like to transfer over that weren’t on a mega server but due to the current restrictions there’s no way to move them.


I hope the answer is yes, there’s been several people unable to make the transfer because their returning friends are unable to join them.


Totally agree. We have a few friends who didn’t play tbc that want to join our guild and it’s putting us in a pickle.

DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT MOVE TO THIS SERVER IF YOU HAVE ANY PLANS OF BUYING THE BOOST PACK THEY ARE LITERALLY ROBBING PEOPLE BUY NOT TELLING THEM! They let you buy the pack an no where does it say you can’t use the boost on new servers this is false advertising and I hope they get brought down for it my friend now can’t use what he spent money on and it’s gonna take 2+ weeks from contacting someone who will even speak to you to getting the money back this is unacceptable DO NOT LEAVE YOUR SERVERS ITS A TRAP!

They’re fixing this bug, and you can boost on the realm you transferred from and then transfer it over in the interim.

Your post is not only an eyesore, it’s an overreaction.


Level 70 Character Boost not usable on Eranikus - #32 by Vrakthris

Check other post before you spout off and defend them when there is nothing to defend

Also this for the people who transferred off high pops that only had one character and now can’t make another character on the servers that allow transfers to the server because there only character is on the new server unable to use what they paid for your shallow thought process is sad

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You can do the workaround I posted, and they’re still working on it.

Every single server that can go to the new servers are locked servers that can not have new characters made on them there is no work around for people who only had one charcter

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You also can’t recover deleted characters right now on those servers either it just errors out

The server is awesome so far, just wish we could transfer from non-high pop servers.

The current boost bug sucks but they did say they were working on it.

It probably will open at some point for new characters and paid transfers as long as it doesn’t get really overpopulated.

They are trying to have it be just the overflow server for now though.

Yea. It the problem is they are not telling people and they only find out when they go to use the boost the problem is the lack of communication and to tell people boost will be avalible in 180 days how is it even worth at that point. Fun fact it’s not

It’s a bug, not intended behavior, which is why you weren’t notified ahead of time.

It seems the code carried over from the fresh servers starting everyone at lvl 1, which seems to be designed to allow boost after 180 days.

They’ve said they’re looking into fixing the bug, but if all else fails, it’ll open in 180 days.

this is not a solution.
Boosted characters have a cooldown to transfer.
You can currently select Eranikus for transfer, but players are receiving an error message.
At this point you can’t transfer to Eranikus.

Do you think they’ll fix this soon or are they disabling transfers for good?
Got a friend resubbed just now and now we can’t play together cause he can’t transfer, we used to play in Faerlina in classic.

hopefully we get some update soon but I imagine the server was gaining a lot of traction and reached a healthy population rather quickly.

Hopefully they open it back up for a few days to allow the people that weren’t able to get in, it sucks to see people getting left behind from their groups and guilds

Doesn’t matter if it WAS gaining traction, because right now the server is extremely dead.

Blizz is choking our the server before it can even grow.

I don’t get that feeling at all. Is there any data on server population or faction balance for this server yet? Curious why you think it’s dead.