Eranikus - Transfers

It’s definitely not dead, it’s skyrocketed in population. Hopefully they are locking to try and balance factions a bit better, need more horde.

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if this were the case I’d figure they would still allow free transfers from Faerlina or Benediction depending on what faction needed balance.

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Have you been on it in the last 2 days?

It literally isnt.

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I don’t have that same experience at all on Eranikus. Server seems to be growing by leaps and bounds daily judging by the LFG groups pool each night. First couple nights only one or two groups and last night I would list myself and get invited within minutes. Definitely getting much busier.

I put in a ticket to see if there was any ETA, but as expected, zero info from GM’s on this.

It feels like the server just isn’t configured right given the sorts of bugs we’ve seen. Raids locked, like on fresh servers. Free transfers currently blocked, like on Fresh servers. DK creation locked behind the level 55 requirement for some still, like on Fresh servers. Some I’m forgetting for sure.

So… Is Eranikus new like it’s meant to be, or did they accidentally make it a Fresh server and it can’t quite be bandaged to work right…?

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