Level 70 Character Boost not usable on Eranikus

I just made a customer service ticket and I really didn’t even know what to ask for in it… because I don’t see how gamemaster actions can fix this. What you described above would be such a backwards way to solve this, but I’ll try whatever they offer, if anything.

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I know it’s an absurd thing to even request lol

I don’t understand why this realm was even set up as a ‘Fresh Realm’ with the Character Boost restrictions in place. It’s purpose was to move players (regardless of level) away from the mega-servers and alleviate queue times.

Players of all levels were able to move here, so all players should be free to use the boost we have. It’s not a fresh realm and Blizzard really should do what’s needed to remove this restriction on Eranikus

this all sounds absurd and not likely to be done unfortunately

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Honestly it’s really ruined my plans for WOLTK classic. All my friends on Eranikus are 70, either through boosts prior to transfer, or having leveled and played throughout TBC. I work a lot and didn’t really plan, nor do a I have the time before launch to grind up from 16 to play with friends. I did a /who in a leveling area and there was 1 other person in the entire zone. This isn’t going to be a very leveling friendly realm since people are transferring max-level characters in to play Wrath. I’m super frustrated, because I was so confident that Blizz would fix this very obvious issue.

it has definitely put my spirits down, currently standing in Stormwind contemplating what to do, not really sure what category to even file my ticket under right now.

I agree, which is why I guess we can only state are case through tickets and ask for these restrictions to be removed, this realm was never intended to be a fresh start

I feel like I just wasted 80 bucks. I mean, first I couldn’t log in to Grobb (4 hr queues), forced to transfer, then I get there and I buy the upgrade offered to me and nowhere did it say I couldn’t use there. Now I can’t use on the realm I have found a wonderful community on. Hope this is fixed soon because I don’t use alts and if I get to 70 without, I’d like at least a partial refund.

I understand that, Lufifi, I do. It is something that is being discussed by the teams, but I’m afraid there isn’t anything that can be done at the moment. We are not able to provide partial refunds, so if you are looking for one and still qualify, it would be for the entire purchase.

The boost will be usable on a new realm after 180 days. If that can be changed, we should be able to provide an update.


So, can I expect a partial refund for the trouble? I mean, 80 bucks for something I wanted to use on this specific character since I’ve already worked on professions etc? I would think that would be the right thing to do since through no fault of my own, I was mislead into buying this as nowhere in any of your ads or on the site does it warn us before making the purchase. Now I have to lose everything I worked hard on this character for.

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Also, thanks for letting me know! I’m mad, but not THAT mad lol.


How will the boost help players ‘get ready for Wrath’ (as advertised) if they can’t use it 6 months into the Expansion?

This restriction should be looked into and changed, it’s a really poor decision. To everyone’s understanding this server was created to take the burden off the Mega-Servers and alleviate the queue times and balance faction populations, which it has done a great job of. But it has created a restriction that nobody was aware of and we were all caught off guard.

I hope the team can figure this one out.


So… can you at least waive the 72 hour wait on the boosted toon? That would be ok for all of this trouble. Also, you may want to put a warning on your site or ad warning people.


that’s hard coded in, Vrak wouldn’t be able to do that.


Surely itd be easier for the team to change the 72 hour wait? i dont want to use it on faerlina just for them to end the free transfer… or maybe they could make exceptions for people that have spent the 60-80 bucks if it does end. i dont understand why this isnt listed clearly before people buy. i put a ticket in for a refund

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Now that I see the issue posted on Blue Tracker I’m a little more hopeful this will get resolved, hopefully before launch

Kaivax mentioned in another thread that this is unintended and are currently working to see if they can find a fix. No ETA

Also the wording by Vrakthris, at least to me, implies that 180 days is the maximum based on the server settings that the server launched with and they will update if something changes within those 180 days.


At least a partial? you should demand a FULL refund

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Hi again! Followed guidance provided by Vrakthris. 72 hour wait started last night. Now apparently they shut off the free transfers to Eranikus??? Is this right? So now I wasted my boost and can’t even transfer it over to my server! So now what? I did what they told me to and this is what happens. No response to ticket, no response on social media.


why would you make a claim without verifying yourself first?

you are wrong, transfers are still going to Eranikus.

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So I did what you guided me to. I boosted my character on Grobb. Waited for hours to do so. Started the 72 hour wait and now I’m of the understanding that there are no more free transfers to my server, Eranikus. Is this correct? So now I’ve wasted the boost, can’t log into that server (Grobb), and can’t transfer to where im playing?? Please help! I only did what you guided me to.

Because i just tried and it’s no longer showing as a transfer option. Only a pve server. Edited to add that I was just hoping by some miracle I could transfer (lol) but yeah, Eranikus no longer showing as an option. Ill try again after work.

that’s too bad, Faerlina still has open transfers to Eranikus

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